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20. Chapter 22

• Harry •

It happened in slow motion, think of the whole the thing as your basic romance movie scene. As she descends the stairs, she tucks hair behind her ear. She's still looking at the ground, but when she looks up, she looks directly at you. It takes the breath out of you.

I walked up to her as Louis walked away. "Well can you tell me what this was all about now?" She pulled on the dress.

"You look ravishing Harry. Why thank you. And you, you just look absolutely breathtaking. Are any of our converstaions ever going to start out like that?"

Savannah rolled her eyes. "You look good Harry."

"Yes, I can tell you now. Come on." I took her hand, leading her back outside.

Louis and I were able to get some speakers hooked up to a radio. I hooked the radio up to her iPod. Only her music, nothing she wouldn't like.

"Sorry it isn't the real deal. I know you would have loved seeing-"

She cut me off by giving me a surprise hug. "It's perfect."

When she pulled away she awed at all the lights and the silver streamers that were wrapped around the porch railing.

She looked back at me, but we didn't say anything. After a moment I took her hand, leading her into the sand.

I didn't stop where the couples were dancing, not even at the corner where children were dancing around a pole. We moved further away from the lights and noise. She didn't question me, and that's good, because I didn't know exactly where we were going yet.

I stopped at the edge of the water, pulling off my shoes. I threw them back so they wouldn't get wet. She did the same.

I glanced over at her. "I want to show you something." She nodded. "Okay then."

"Be careful." I said as we stepped into the water. It was cold, and as the waves came in they splashed higher than the water. Leaving part of our wet bodies to the wind.

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