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19. Chapter 19

• Savannah •

"Happy Birthday." A bunch of people jumped out as I walked into the house. I looked around to see if there was anyone I knew well, other than Louis and Harry. I didn't see anyone. As I was looking I spotted Louis and Harry talking in the back.

People began to give me hugs, telling me how great I looked. I was starting to sweat.

"Savannah." I heard a familiar voice behind me. I turned around to see exactly who I thought it was.

"Dean. What are you doing here?" I'm sure Harry didn't invite him, but of course he was aloud in he wanted to.

"I'm not here to be the party pooper. I just wanted to stop by and say hi. And make sure everything is going well." His eyes looked troubled as he talked.

"Why wouldn't it be?" I asked.

"And look there she is." I heard Harry yelling to get my attention. He had Gemma with him. "Give me just a second Dean." I set my drink down, pushing to meet them halfway. "Gemma. It's been forever." I gave her a hug as soon as we reached each other.

"This place is so crowded, I thought I wouldn't be able to see you tonight." We both looked at Harry. "Why all these unnecessary guests Harold?" Gemma put her hands on her hips.

"Half of them have kids now. They'll be leaving in about an hour. Sad, though. That's when it gets good." He shrugged. "Oh well."

Well I already have about a ton of sand in my hair, so I hope there's nothing outside. I'm getting kinda sick of the beach to be honest." I winked at Gemma. She smiled as Harry's face dropped.

"Uhm. Yeah... Nothing outside." He stuttered.

Gemma and I burst into laughter.

"I'm joking Harry." I put my hand on his shoulder.

"You got me, but-" Before he finished, he have me a quick kiss.

"I should've seen that coming."

"Awe." Gemma looked over at Louis.

I took this moment to look for Dean, but I didn't see him anywhere.

"Way to go Gem. Ruin the moment." Louis playfully shoved her. She was near a wall, so she bounced right back.

"I thought it was in my head." She shoved Louis back, but Louis fell into someone.Gemma covered her mouth.

"Not again." The boys screamed at the same time.

I tugged at Harry's sleeve. "Harry, is that-?" He cut me off knowing what I was asking.

"Liam? Yeah. I invited him, didn't think he'd show. I think Louis may like him." He whispered so only I could hear him.

I looked at him with a smile, it's like he could read my mind.

"Not you again." He sounded irritated as he looked at Louis. His jacket was now wet with both of their drinks. His white shirt was stained.

"Liam, wait." He grabbed his hand as he was reaching for his keys.

Liam shook his hand off, but let him speak. "Sixty seconds." He looked at his watch. "Starting... Now."

He looked at Louis, but Louis said nothing.

"Hello? Are you going to say anything?" Liam snapped at him. Louis still didn't say anything.

"Oh well. I guess I'll just go then." He shrugged, walking away.

"Wait." Liam turned. "I'm afraid I'm going to say the wrong thing. You're so confident and I really like that. I don't want to mess up..." Louis searched for words. "I want you to be impressed by me. I want to have something you, just, need. I'm probably just speaking rubbish here... This is fucking useless." Louis stopped, but I know he could've kept going on for days

"Another 'awe' moment." I whispered between Harry, Gemma, and me.They both nodded in agreement.

"Nobody has ever said anything like that to me." Liam slowly walked towed Louis.

"There's a first time for everything." Louis spoke and Liam smirked.

I looked around at all the people watching them. My palms became sweaty, I started to shake. I was just now noticing how many people were crammed into one little space. It was my claustrophobia.

I started to push through people with all the strength I had. As I began up the stairs, I caught a glimpse of Harry following. He was having more trouble than I had.

Louis and Liam, I thought to myself. What a strange couple. Liam is who Louis use to be... But now that Louis is different-"

My thoughts were interrupted when I felt a hand wrap around my arm. "Are you okay?" Harry asked.

"I'm fine."

"What happened?"

"I'm claustrophobic... It's not like I'm dying or anything. I just needed some air." I pushed his hand off. I walked over to the doors of the balcony, opening them up.

"I didn't know. How did I not know?" Harry followed me.

We stood in a moment of silence, watching the moon move over the waves.

"I never told you." I sighed, more out of relief that I could breathe again. "I've never seen anything more beautiful." I looked at Harry, he shook his head.

"I have."

"What then?" I crossed my arms as we turned to face each other.

"Not what, who." He smiled at me. I blushed, knowing exactly what he was about to say. He stepped closer, whispering. "You." Then he kissed my cheek.

Someone could fry an egg on my face.

He grabbed my hand. "Come on. You won't want to miss this."

We ran down the stairs. I went first, Harry followed. As we came to the last one Harry screamed out to get everyone's attention. The house fell quiet, even the music had been turned off. No whispers, all attention was focused on Harry's words, or what was about to be.

"Who's ready to hit the beach?" Harry yelled so, more than likely, the whole neighborhood could hear. Everyone screamed. "Let's go then." Harry raised his fist like we were going into battle. It's just the beach.

I started following everyone, Harry pulled me the other way.

"Just wait." He whispered. So I did. It was only a few seconds after I heard people shouting.

"What is this? Come on. Water balloons? Fucking hell. My phone was in my pocket." And whatever else you could imagine.

Harry pulled me towards the side door. We stepped out, Louis and Gemma already there. They wee both wet. I figured Louis knew and did it for fun, but Gemma didn't and wasn't happy at all.

"I thought you said buckets of balloons Harold. There was nothing about raining balloons." Gemma barely shoved Harry. He just rolled his eyes.

"Fill up these buckets. Hurry. And the extra, put water in them and just dump them on people." Harry went to the side to see what everyone was doing.

Louis snuck up behind him with a bucket of water. He dumped in on Harry. "Like that?"

Harry pushed his hair back, spitting out the water that had got in his mouth. He tried to wipe his face off. "That works."


I sighed as I shut the door behind me. Harry sent me back to the room, said there was surprise for me, and that I would love it. And it wasn't that I didn't want a surprise from Harry, I was exhausted. You know water fights really take all you have.

I was walking around trying to find whatever it was, when I saw something imputed of the corner of my eye. I took it step by baby step. It wasn't just a color anymore, it was a dress. But what was it for?

A sticky note was stuck to the neck.

Happy Birthday my love. (p.s. Put it on.)

It looked like it must've cost a fortune. It wasn't a fancy looking thing at all; infanct, it was just plain. No ruffles, no beads, no lace, just black. But the texture, the way it just looked. You could tell it was a nice piece of clothing. Something every girl dreamed about.


Harry stepped in, his eyes closed.

"What are you doing?" I walked over to help him.

"I've only imagined what the dress would like. I want to be as shocked as everyone else." He fell to his knees, feeling under the bed. Finally he pulled out a tie. "I've got to look good you know."

"You looked good with a black eye." I smiled, although he couldn't see it.

"Stay here. Someone will come get you." Harry shut the door.

Louis arrived about ten minutes later.

"Come with me." He held out his hand. I took it, then we linked arms.

"I don't want everyone to be looking at me Lou."

"You know Harry. I mean, everyone is down there waiting to see you. Only you."

I didn't reply. I could feel myself turn cold as we neared the bottom.

We stopped at the last corner. Louis looked me dead in the eyes. "Stay focused on one thing." We began to walk again. "It's okay." He kissed my hand right as we came into view.

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