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17. Chapter 17

• Harry •

"What do you mean you already knew?" I sat on the rail of the balcony with my arms crossed.

Savannah laughed a little. She shrugged her shoulders as she came to stand beside me.

"Well what did I do that gave it away?"

She shrugged again. "I don't know Harry. I just got this feeling one day and it never went away. And I'm usually always right." I shook my head and she smiled. "Well I was right, wasn't I?"

"Has Louis text you again?" I looked up, seeing the Big Dipper. "No." She sighed out. It was silent for a moment. Then she spoke again.

"Are you really going to change the subject like that? Everything you said today Harry... I mean, everything period. You don't even want to talk about it?"

"I've said everything I needed to say. You know how I feel. What else is there to discuss?"

"How about what we can do?" She paused for a moment. "Because I may like you, but you never asked... So." She rocked on her heels, looking at the ground, as I turned around to face her.

"Do you?" My heart stopped for a moment as she hesitated, but then she nodded. "I think so."

"Well, then, what are we going to do?" You would think, he likes her and she likes him, just go for it. So simple, but it's really not.

"I don't know. I guess just figure it out as we go, like we always do." She shrugged. "But I really don't know this time."

I shifted my weight to one side as I thought. "If things work, they work. If they don't, we never discuss it. So it's kind of like a taking it slow kinda thing."

"I give it a week."

"Why is that?" I narrowed my eyes at her.

She threw her arms out. "Harry, I don't regret it. But I shouldn't of done it." With that she walked passed me, into the house. I followed, calling her name.

"Okay. A week, one week. And if we're still good after that-"

"I'll be your girlfriend. How's that? We'll change our relationship status on Facebook, and everything. If not, you'll move on." She stuck her hand out for me to shake.

As we shook hands I smiled at her. She barely smiled back, knowing that by this time next week she'd be single no more.

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