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13. Chapter 13

• Harry •

I stepped onto the balcony, enjoying the breeze. Nobody was at the beach today. It would be a perfect day for us to relax in the sand. That is what we came here for.

I stepped back into the house. "You want to go out to the beach this evening?"

Savannah was sitting in the middle of the floor doing a puzzle. She looked up with a smile. "Yeah. That sounds nice."

"Why a puzzle?" I sat across from her.

"It reminds me of camp." She paused for a moment when she found a piece that fit. "You remember the last year we went? When you, Louis, whatever girlfriend he had at the time, and I would go to the lake just outside the camp grounds? Louis drunk a lot, but that wasn't really our thing? He'd stumble into breakfast with a hangover or drunk all over again from the night before." She smiled to herself, remembering all these things.

"Where does a puzzle fit into all of this?" I was probably missing the big picture. It was probably right in front of my face but I still couldn't see it.

"When people take apart a puzzle they don't take it apart piece by piece. They tear from the corners, breaking up the entire connection in nearly one motion." She set a piece inside the puzzle and looked up at me, a sad look on her face. "After camp that year, my entire life turned around. It was like someone was ripping me to shreds from the inside-out, trying to break me into the tiniest shards of whatever I am so there's no way I could go back together." She took a deep breath, looked at the ground. "It's like they were taking apart my puzzle."

"Why did you never come to me? Why didn't you talk to me about it?" I questioned, but I'm sure she doesn't even know herself.

"I don't know Harry. I guess I just wanted to be alone. There was so much going on, so much." She kept her gaze, particularly nowhere, but definitely avoiding eye contact.

It took a moment, finally I spoke. "Yeah... I get it."


Savannah walked into the kitchen as I was getting ready to make dinner. My phone was to her stomach and she had an ear-to-ear smile.

"What is it?" I smiled as I spoke. I couldn't help it. With a smile that big, how could I not?

"A huge fucking coincidence that's what it is." She put the phone out for me to take it.

I took it and put it to my ear. "Hello?"

"Harold? Is that really you?" As soon as I heard his voice I knew who it was. I could see his dimpled eyes as he smiled because he knew saying my name would piss me off.

"How in the world did you get my number?"

He chuckled a little. "Does it matter mate? Don't you remember all the good -"

"Hah. And don't you remember what I said the very last time I saw you? Remember that I caught you in bed with my girlfriend?" That shouldn't still bug me, but he was supposed to be my best friend and he betrayed me. Now what did he want?

"I wanted to make sure you guys were alright. You're all over the news. I can see you're fine, definitely no amnesia. I'll just go." He sighed, waiting for a moment.

"Wait, Louis... Just wait one moment." I mentally punched myself. Stop being so nice Harry. "Why don't you come spend a day or two out here?" What the hell are you doing Styles?

"Yeah. I mean, I'll consider it. Right now I've got to go Harold. We'll talk again though?"

"Uhm, sure." Why not Harry? Bring back the past. So stupid.

I hung up as Savannah was walking back into the room.

"What did he say?" She leaned onto the bar, her chin resting in her hands.

"I invited him out here for a visit." I tried to say it with enthusiasm, but I don't think I did.

She immediately stood up straight. "Harry, that's wonderful."

"Yep. Perfect." I stared at an empty spot on the floor.

"Is everything okay?" She tried to look into my eyes, but I avoided her.

"I'm fine... I don't want to talk about it." I pushed by her. She followed, continuously questioning me. It's something I didn't want to discuss with her, why couldn't she understand this?

I turned, backed her into a wall, and got in her face. "Please stop before you make me really angry. I don't want to hurt you." As I walked away I realized what I had done. I looked back over my shoulder, she smiled at me.

"I'm sorry." I mouthed to her.

She nodded. "I know." She said aloud, walking towards me.

Tears filled my eyes. I've never done anything like that to her before.

She wrapped her arms around me. "I'm sorry." I cried into her hair, kissing the top of her head. "I would never hurt you."

"Harry, I know."

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