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11. Chapter 11


"Can you check my phone?" I could hear it ringing, but I know I wouldn't get to it in time.

"It's your mom." Savannah popped her head in the door. "She wants to talk."

"No." It was immediate, and loud. "I mean no. Please tell her I'm busy." I lowered my voice a little that time.

"I'm sorry Anne." She shook her head at me. "Yeah, you just missed him. He stepped out for a jog." She gave me another glare, then walked away.


"You need to talk to your mother Harry. This is ridiculous. Why won't you talk to her?"

"I'm trying to change here." I stopped her at the door, but she pushed through.

"You're joking right? Here's your phone. I'm serious about calling her Harry." She turned to face the mirror, picked up a little box.

"If I have to, I will tomorrow. It's going to be a long night... I can feel it." I shrugged my shirt on and started to button it.

I looked up after the last button, catching her eye in the mirror. She jerked her head down, she but her lip then her cheeks set on fire.

"Your eye is looking better." She looked up for moment, but looked back down.

"You thought so too? I thought for sure it was a goner." I walked over to look at it, just to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

"I've never seen you so dressed up before..." She took a look at me. "You look good."

"This is for you. I wouldn't do this for anyone else. I'm going to my wedding in my pajamas."

It fell silent again. I looked over at her. I'd ne'er seen her so dressed up either. She always wore one diamond, casual earrings, but tonight she was wearing like a five hundred dollar pair of earrings. Her flats made her no taller, but she refused to wear heels. She put her hair up In a clip. It was loose so part of it was falling. The dress made it all right though. It wasn't short, but wasn't long, I would say right above her knees. The color was a light shade of teal, and she looked really cute. I was starting to think teal was her color.

"You look good too. Really good." She looked at me in the mirror, I kept my head down like I didn't notice.

"Are you ready?" I asked after another silence. I had moved to the doorway, just waiting. She wasn't doing anything, just staring in the mirror still.

"You tell me." She turned around. I smiled and she turned red again.

"Let's go love. You look gorgeous. Besides you know how your mom is when we're late." I waited for her, but she turned back to the mirror.

"I do?"

I walked over to her, turned her to face me, took her hands, then said "You do. The most beautiful girl I know." She looked up at me. "And I know a lot of girls." She smiled.

"Okay. Let's go."


Four days ago I talked to Andrea, and my mom. It seems to be getting harder and harder to contain how I feel. So far I've done good, I haven't told her yet, but tonight, I'm afraid it will.

She loved to sing, and wasn't too bad. Definitely not the best though. When it came to just being herself, that she definitely was. But on the inside she was very insecure. If somebody said something about her or something she did, she'll more than likely never do that again. Try to hide whatever it was. For the longest time she never smiled, or when she did she covered her mouth because someone said something about her dimples.

"Ready?" She looked over me.

"I think I should be asking you. You haven't seen her since they left you with us."

"It's not like they abandon me. That is a choice we all made together. I could have left. I could have spent the rest of my teens in New Zealand. Where would I be now?" She looked up as if she was thinking about it.

"Nowhere because you didn't go. You're here with me. The last doesn't matter. What could've been doesn't matter. Now matters." I didn't mean to come off the way I did, but she was different. I wasn't going to lose her to the world. "Let's go eat."


"My mom will be in a corner seat. She likes to be as secluded as possible." She stood on her toes looking for her mom. "Hah. Come on." She grabbed my hand, pulling me pass all the tables, all the way to the back.

"How did you see her all the way back here?" I was trying to talk over the people.

"I got lucky." We stopped at a table, but she didn't let go of my hand.

"Oh good. I needed-" Her mom dropped her cup, luckily it was plastic. "Oh my goodness. Look at you." She stood up, checking out her daughter, then she gave her a hug. "And Harry?"

"You know if we're apart for longer than a second we go insane. This whole thing was his idea anyways." Savannah was pushing the ice into a pile with her feet.

"Well both of you look amazing. It's -"

"Let me get that." I kneeled down and started to pick up the ice.

"You don't have to Harry." Savannah stood next to me.

"I know, but I want to."

"Then let me help." She kneeled down, but I stood up and pulled her with me.

"No. You two sit, talk, do whatever. I'm going to get something to wipe this up so nobody trips. Do not try and do it yourself." I pointed at her. She nodded. "I mean it."

"I won't Harry."


"He likes you." My mom pushed it again when Harry became the main topic.

"That's enough." Trying to make her stop wasn't going to do anything. She did whatever she wanted.

"And you like him? Don't you?" I slammed my hand on the table, but paused for a moment

"No. I don't." I wish she would let this this go. "Harry and I are friends. That is all we'll ever be. Remember how the relationship with your best friend turned out? You married dad instead."

A silence grew between us. "Sorry. I shouldn't of said that. I just wish you wouldn't waste your time pushing something so hard that doesn't even exist."

Harry showed up just in time. "What's wrong?" He put his hand on my shoulder, looked at my mom, then back at me. She hadn't answered me yet, so I figured it was time to leave.

"It's time to go." We walked away, leaving my mom alone in her seat.

It was about ten thirty when we left, yet I wasn't ready to go home.

"Let's go do something else..." I didn't know what. I just didn't want to go home, it reminded me too much of Mikey now. Everywhere I went in that house, all I could see was him as he destroyed everything. And nearly killed Harry. He was getting exactly what he deserved.

"Like what?" Harry kicked some sand out into the water, but it was brought right back.

After we left I just went on walking. I didn't go far until I felt sand slipping into my shoes, and when I looked up, the way the moon looked on the water, I couldn't resist it.

"We could crash a party? Remember when we did that?" Harry just looked at the moon. I was starting to think it had the same effect on him that it did me.

"I could never forget..." I thought of the thousands of parties we literally crushed in just months. I thought of Louis, oh how I missed that party animal. I thought of how much trouble we should've been in, how stupid and naive we were. Crashing parties was cool they said, so that's what we did. So stupid. "But I'm not up for a party."

"I'm not either." He looked over at me, the same look as he had when he looked at the moon. I turned away and blushed.

"I'd like to dance though." I didn't think he was going to take it literally, like I actually wanted to dance right this second.

"You could have just said so." Usually Harry is a wild dancer, but he just took it slow this time. "What song is playing?"

"Anything Ed."

He slowed the pace, pulled me even closer. "Then we have to go really slow." I smiled up at him, he knew exactly the song. Really, I shouldn't be surprised anymore... He always knows.


She twirled her toes in the sand, the opposite way, and back again. Her hair blew around as the wind picked up, since she had taken it out of the clip. She looked over at me, the wind blowing hair into her face.

First, she giggled about it, then she moved it. She started to talk, yet stopped mid-sentence.

"What?" I asked. She just shook her head. "Come on. Tell me." I pushed a little harder hoping it would crack her.

"It's nothing really..." It fell silent, then she looked at me and started again. "Just, I've been thinking about that day you kissed me."

"What about it?" I wasn't really sure if I wanted her to answer that anymore than she did.

"Did it mean anything to you?" More silence. How am I suppose to answer a question like that. "Or was it really-"

I cut her off. Of course it did, but of course I wasn't ready to tell her that yet. "I think you already know the answer..."

She nodded. "I have a feeling I do."

"Then why ask?"

She looked away, biting her lip again, but then she turned back. The wind blew some hair toward her face, I caught it and tucked it behind her ear.

"Because I wanted to make sure that I do totally want to kiss you right now."

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