This is Love || h.s.

(I'M IN THE PROCESS OF FIXING IT. So if you read and some things are out of order, or don't make sense, just come back later I should have it all fixed.)


1. Chapter 1


I decided I would relax today, since, really my only friend, has gone out. We grew up together, she was right next door (and still is). But today is supposed to be a day for her and her boyfriend. That means all day and night I really have nothing to do, but then I hear a knock. I roll off the sofa, and slide my way trough the apartment, yet when I opened the door I seemed to perk up.

"Well, that was quick." She glared as she pushed pass me and into the room. "Did I say that out loud? I meant what happened?" I closed the door, then waded to sit with her.

She tried to explain, but as she went along she'd cry more and more. Her words were all jumbled together, I couldn't understand a single word she said.

"Fuck it." I wiped away one her tears.

"What?" She looked at me wide eyed.

"F-U-C-K it, and him too. We aren't letting anything fuck up this summer. No more "love", love. You got that?" I pointed my finger at her as I slid my shoe on. "Now get up. Let's go. We are not wasting our summer around this place."


They always do this, always. I started mentally hitting my head on the bricks. The only guy I've managed to keep around is Harry. I've always wondered what we would be like as a couple. Would we be like we are now? Or would we turn into one of those couples that turn awkward around each other, and ... It's awkward just thinking about it.

"What are you thinking about?" He smiles.

I bite my lip as I look the other way.

"Mikey?" My, now ex-boyfriend, was having coffee with my "friend" Andrea. That's what he blew me off for? That's why we're over?

Harry starts pulling on me, trying to get me away from there. I get away from him and walk into the café. They both see me, Mikey starts walking my way. Harry steps in between us, telling Mikey to just turn around. He turns around himself, pushing me out the door. I take my eyes from them and walk out myself.

Harry puts his arm around me. I wanted to hold the tears back, I didn't want to cry in public. I look back, just from the look on their faces, I could tell they were talking about me. I couldn't, the tears came.

We made it back to the apartments. "Get some bags packed." We were at my door.

"What, why?"

"Just trust me okay? Pack up what you can and meet me in y apartment." He walked a few feet from my door to his, then disappeared.

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