A Turn Of Events - Jake's Story

This is the third in the series A Turn Of Events, this is Jake's story, it will follow more or less the same story line but in his point of view.

Warnings of some scenes you may find upsetting


5. Part 5 - My Ending

I had put on my diving gear and gone down stairs to pack a bag of spare clothes. Ellie had just walked into the room

"Oh, are we going diving?" she asked. That question hurt me more than it should.

"No, I'm taking Kim, anyway you hate diving" I said

"No I like diving, you just always take her and that's what I don't like"

"You know ever since I met her you have never been nice to her" I said, she hadn't, Kim hasn't done much wrong and she was perfectly nice

"You know ever since you met her you've been a dick" that hurt me most because I knew it was true

"You're just a child you wouldn't understand" I said stupidly, Ellie just looked at me like I had just killed somebody.

"Try me" she said leaning in slightly, she said with a look of disgust on her face.

"Kim's different and I don't like it that y- You're not listening!" I started but then Ellie had pulled her phone out and had started to play a game

"Well im just a child I wouldn't understand" she said as she looked in my eyes and smiled sarcastically.

"Just piss off el" I shouted at her.

I closed my bag and text Kim to tell her I didn't want to go.

Then I jumped into the boat and drove to the diving area and dived.

I did two dives that weren't very deep but I needed to go deeper to clear my head.

I dived and dived and kept going when I began to panic, I don't know why I was panicking but as I did I lost my oxygen I thought of El last.

I loved her too much to leave her.

I tried my hardest to pull myself to the surface but I couldn't I didn't have the strength anymore it was too far.

As my eyes closed I mouthed im sorry before it went black.

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