A Turn Of Events - Jake's Story

This is the third in the series A Turn Of Events, this is Jake's story, it will follow more or less the same story line but in his point of view.

Warnings of some scenes you may find upsetting


2. Part 2 - My Apologies

"El?" I asked her as I walked into the kitchen, she was sat eating breakfast. She looked as if she had been crying.

"Yeah?" She answered

"I'm sorry" I said looking at my feet

"For what?" she asked

"For what I said, I don't want you to disappear" I said looking at her

"I know I still love you"

"I'll never stop loving you" I said wrapping my arms around her shoulders from behind

"Me either Jake" she said smiling

"I'll let you keep that chair" I said, I wanted us to be friends again

"No, it's okay. It's not like I love it" she said shrugging

I knew she did but I loved her too much to care

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