A Turn Of Events - Jake's Story

This is the third in the series A Turn Of Events, this is Jake's story, it will follow more or less the same story line but in his point of view.

Warnings of some scenes you may find upsetting


1. Part 1 - The Hangover

Oh my god I felt awful, my head felt like it was on fire and every time I moved id throw up. I'd just come back from a party where I had too much to drink.

I was already feeling bad when Ellie my sister walked through the door. She turned the light on and came charging in, that's when I got angry.

"Turn the Friggin light off!" I shouted at her, she stopped dead in her tracks and a slight curve appeared on her lips as in 'lets mess with Jake's head'

"What's up with you moody?" she asked laughing slightly

"I'm not well. You could have asked why earlier you know show you care" I said. She knew what was wrong she was just being immature

"Did it occur to you that I don't actually care"

"Piss Off!" I couldn't be arsed with her anymore

"Oh by the way, that chair is on its way, I ordered it this morning"

"Chair?" I asked clutching my head as I sat up and felt immediately sick.

"Yeah the John Lewis chair"

"You mean the £300 chair" I said, I hoped to god she was joking but I knew she wouldn't be.


"No" I retorted

"Hah! okay"

"Just disappear Get out!" I screamed at her and she looked shocked as she left the room, I fell back onto the sofa. I didn't mean what I said, I shouldn't have shouted at her like that.

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