That Moment... Harry Potter Edition

The awesome and some what embarrassing happenings of two best friends who just so happen to be the largest PotterHeads on the planet. Our most embarrassing--yet comical--moments of our lives. It just goes to show, if you can live through this, you can live through just about anything! And yes, these are all things that actually happens in our lives. You all should defiantly feel super privileged because we are letting you into our inner most secrets! And yes, although the title is: "That Moment… Harry Potter Edition" there may or may not be some random non-Harry Potter moments. What? It happens! Anywhhoooo, my BFF Belletristik Aura and I made this just cause we're THAT awesome! READ! COMMENT! And for all you Twilighters out there, tough if you don't like our views on Cedric Diggory!;) Lol. No, but seriously, if you don't like what we have to say on the topic of Cedric Diggory/Edward Cullen (both portrayed by Robert Pattinson) then please don't hunt us down and kill us just our opinion


65. The Annual Christmas Ball at the Malfoy's

"Are you ready YET?!" Bella cried out in annoyance whilst I was in the bathroom, pinning up my hair precisely. 

"No, Bella! I'm finishing my hair now!"

"You said that twenty minutes ago!! And you'd just finished putting your bloody dress on!"

"I know! But now, all I have left to do is put my shows on!"

"you better hurry it up or I swear I'll Avada you."

"What did you just say?!?!"

Bella smirked and said "Nothing, dear!"

"Bull!" I sigh, waking out of our bathroom to our flat. "You look gorgeous, Bella!" I say as I see her for the first time. 

"You don't look so bad yourself, Hermy."

I scowled at her nickname for me. "How many times have I told you NOT TO CALL ME THAT?!" 

"Your fault! You took 2 HOURS in the bathroom!!"

"Sorry! But I want to look my best for the ball! Draco will be MINE by the end of the night!"

"As always, Hermy, you get excited about something that really won't happen. He and I have a dance to dance!"

"So do we! Draco and ME!"

"Lets just go, her--"


"Just how are we getting there again?" Bella asked, completely ignoring my outburst. 

"We're going with Harry, Ron, and Ginny."

"In what?!"

"The Weasley Flying car."

"Isn't Ron your husband?"

"No, I had to use 'Weasley' because 'Granger' was being used by another Movellian."

"Ohhh. I see."

"So, shall we go?"




That moment when you're out dress shopping with your friend for the most important Malfoy Ball of the year and you both decide I the same dress. And look at each Other, saying "TWINSYS!!"


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