That Moment... Harry Potter Edition

The awesome and some what embarrassing happenings of two best friends who just so happen to be the largest PotterHeads on the planet. Our most embarrassing--yet comical--moments of our lives. It just goes to show, if you can live through this, you can live through just about anything! And yes, these are all things that actually happens in our lives. You all should defiantly feel super privileged because we are letting you into our inner most secrets! And yes, although the title is: "That Moment… Harry Potter Edition" there may or may not be some random non-Harry Potter moments. What? It happens! Anywhhoooo, my BFF Belletristik Aura and I made this just cause we're THAT awesome! READ! COMMENT! And for all you Twilighters out there, tough if you don't like our views on Cedric Diggory!;) Lol. No, but seriously, if you don't like what we have to say on the topic of Cedric Diggory/Edward Cullen (both portrayed by Robert Pattinson) then please don't hunt us down and kill us just our opinion


39. Heart wrenching pain flowing throughout your body

That moment when you are outside and it's nice and warm and you hear a car backfire. And you jump up, hoping beyond hope that Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potter just apperated here to tell you that you were kidnapped by Muggles and carted off to their home instead of actually being a Muggle, you are a pureblood witch that is, in fact Ginny Weasley's older sister so you could marry Draco Malfoy and be the mother of Scorpious Malfoy. Only to realise it was your neighbour's old truck. 


~Hermione Jean Weasley 

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