Dark Secrets

My name's Hope and I'm dead... Well, I'm supposed to be. I woke up buried and in a cemetery and to make matters worse it looks like I have a personal stalker as well who may be my only chance at answers. Let's just hope he doesn't kill me while we're at it.


8. Chapter 8

I'd given up after an hour of this hide and go seek game we were playing and headed home. Her body was still lying on the ground, I hadn't had the heart to move her yet.

Sucking in a deep breath, I picked her up and carried her up the stairs where I laid her down on her bed and closed her eyes. I backed out of the room and shut the door, going back downstairs where I opened the closet and found the scrub brush and bucket which I took out. I filled the bucket and added some soap to it and placed it on the floor.

I dropped to my knees and started scrubbing where some blood had dribbled down her neck and onto the floor. How could I have let this happen! I hadn't even wanted to go out, I was going to stay with her and go to work with her but she insisted that I go out and, "Get a life." because I stayed at home to be sure she was safe. The one time, one time that I go out she gets killed, the one time I let her convince me to go out and I do, she's dead when I return. And sure enough, after watching the tapes, Herrera and the new girl had been standing in my own kitchen! But there was something horribly familiar about her that shook me to my core.

As I scrubbed, the floor slowly gave way to the suds and the red stains disappeared. But one thing I couldn't clean, was the fact vampires had been in my home.

How had she not seen that the girl was a vampire? She's as trained as I am, but I guess the softness and motherly instincts took over because the girl was a mess. She wanted to help her and that took away from the vampiric signs of what she is.

How could I have been so stupid as to go out? That's what the real question was. Because I'd left home, my aunt got killed. There goes another one.

*Two Weeks Later*

It's been two weeks and I've yet to catch another glimpse of her. My aunt had been buried in the family crypt. It was hard. 

I'd returned to the abandoned house, but it was just another game of hide and seek I was destined to loose to the animal with the heightened senses.

Not a whiff, not a glance, not a glimpse of her in two weeks. Where had she gone?

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