Dark Secrets

My name's Hope and I'm dead... Well, I'm supposed to be. I woke up buried and in a cemetery and to make matters worse it looks like I have a personal stalker as well who may be my only chance at answers. Let's just hope he doesn't kill me while we're at it.


2. Chapter 2

After the mysterious man disappeared I walked around the graveyard to let everything sink in. A strange man knows everything about me, I'm supposed to be dead and I don't know where I am. Fantastic, I thought.

It looked as if it was the dead of night. It was quite chilly since all I was wearing was a short blue dress. I approached the graveyard entrance gate and slipped through. I followed a road that I thought would lead me to town.

After a half an hour, I reached a town, I could have lived here. My family could be here! I walked hopelessly down the streets trying to find a place to sleep. I turned a corner and saw a small abandoned house.

The house was quite small, the door was chained shut and the windows boarded over. I found a window with the least amount boards and started to pry them off slowly with my hands. I don't know how, but it seemed as if my strength had increased since I woke up. After I got all the boards off I opened the window and climbed in, careful that there were no watching eyes. 

This place wasn't that bad, sure it needed work but it was okay, for know. After about five minutes my head was pounding and my vision was fuzzy. "Ugh, what's happening to me?"

Then I fainted....


A/N I'm really sorry for the extremely short chapter the next one will be longer I promise!!!!! I will post another chapter later tonight or tomorrow!!

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