The loudest proudest One Direction Hater Ever!

Alice Tripp hates One Direction. several years back she wrote 'what makes you beautiful' and presented it to them. they said no and didn't hire her to write songs for her. but suddenly her song is sung by One direction. they stole her song!

In a crazy adventure, One Direction and Alice are thrown together, while 3 of them fall for them she still hates them.

no hate for one direction, this is just a story. they are famous.


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chapter 1


Hi! My name is Alice Tripp. And I am the loudest, proudest one direction hater ever! I’ve been in magazines and newspapers; I do blogs and have a twitter and Facebook account all just to show my hate. And I have good reason too! I live in an apartment, alone, no roommate. I write songs for top name artists such as Demi Lovato, Ed Sheeran, and many more. I am at the top of my career at the time, but in the beginning of my career One Direction turned me down, then they used my song! ‘What makes you beautiful’ is MY song and they didn’t pay me for it. They used me! And for that I will never forgive them. 
Also, every time they are in town my block is filled with fans because they just HAVE to stay at the exact same apartment as me. Just to make things worse, it’s always exactly next to my apartment. This time I finally decided to confront them. I wore a shirt that said “I HATE ONE DIRECTION!” on it so they would know I hate them right away. I knocked on the door and a big guy (Paul) answered the door. He sighed and yelled “just a fan!” 
Harry peeked his head around the door “How does she know we stay here?”
“How do you know?” Niall asks curiously. 
“I live next door, duh…”
“I have to spend every flipping night listening to those girls out there screaming their heads off! and it’s all because of YOU!”
“Why do you hate us so much?” Liam asks.
“You really don’t remember me?” I say incredulously, “I wrote ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ and you gave me NO credit for it. You turned me down, and then stole my music!”
“Crap, you’re that girl…” Harry says.
“Yeah I’m, ‘that girl’,” I say. “Can you please change apartment buildings? I’m sick of all this screaming. If I’m going to have to write songs for Rihanna, Demi Lovato, and Ed Sheeran then I’m going to need some peace and quiet!” I fume.
“You got that popular in the music business, what songs have you written?” Zayn asks quietly.
“Heart attack, Lego house, oh yeah, also We Found Love.”
“God do you want to want write a song for us?” Louis asks.
“Have you read my shirt!?! Read my blogs and you’ll find out.” I threw him the instructions to read my blog and walked away.
I sit down and write a long blog about my encounter with them. I got a lot of support and people were messaging me saying: ‘Those douches!’ And ‘never listening to their music again!’. And that made me feel better. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. I open it up five faces stare at me. 
“That’s how you feel about us?”
One direction was at my door.
Suddenly a scream went up and a girl said “ONE DIRECTION! LOOK EVERYONE IT’S ONE DIRECTION!”
The five boys push past me and jump into my room. Harry closes my door panting and says “That was scary!” I know. 
“Hopefully they didn’t see which door they went in.” Niall says.
“Crap…” says Zayn, “were in her house.” 
The all turn to look at me. “Can we please stay?” Louis asks.
“UGHHHHHHHHHHH!” I realize that I have no choice. “Fine…” I groan.
“WAIT! There are only 5 beds! And the couch is like impossible to sleep on, trust me I did it once.” I exclaim!
“We can take turns sleeping with you,” Harry says winking. 
“Can’t u guys double up?” 
“EWWWWWWW” they all say.
I sigh. “Who’s first?” 
“ME!” Harry, Niall, and Zayn say at the same time. 
I look at them with wide eyes, “W-What?”
“Ummm, Harry can go, you know, or Zayn, I don’t really need to I mean…” Niall rambles blushing.
“O-Oh, yeah, harry can…” Zayn says also blushing. 
Later that night after watching some random movies (Me blogging the whole time and receiving sympathy from friends) I announce that I’m going to bed. 
“Me too!” harry says shooting straight up. 
He jumps up and sprints to the bedroom. I sigh and stalk upstairs for a long night.


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