Dark Revenge

*Sequel to Dark Paradise* Justin is confused. He knows that him and Audrey aren't going to work out, but what he doesn't understand is why Audrey is staying in Claire's room, when he explained that there was a perfectly good spare room for her to use. And what everybody can't help but notice is Claire's weird behavior around Audrey and Justin. What happens when her secret gets out, and all hell breaks loose? Will Justin and Audrey be forced to work close together again to save the gang, or will everyone start to leave, one by one? And what happens when Audrey realizes that there's still one brother left...? © 2013 by beliebervision & SoccerBieber18. All Rights Reserved.


19. Chapter 18

When you've been unconscious for a while, and have absolutely no clue what's going on when you wake up, it would be kind of bad if your boyfriend was carrying you while running, along with your best friend and her boyfriend and someone who you thought had betrayed you. Well, that's exactly what was happening to Audrey and it was not fun. 

She had woken up about two minutes ago, and was already fully alert of her surroundings, telling Justin she would be fine to run and he would refuse to let her. He'd also refused to tell her why they were running, and where they were going. 

So, Audrey settled on trying to close her eyes again and think of all the possible scenarios. 

One: They had been captured by Jesse and were trying to find a way out. 

And then Audrey realized after scenario one that there probably was no other reason to why they would be running. She sighed. This would definitely be a long day. 

The constant running kept up for a while. Audrey could feel Justin starting to slow down, and she almost insisted on running so he wouldn't have to carry her anymore, but he came to an abrupt stop before she could. 

She opened her eyes to see Justin panting and usually flawless hair sticking to his forehead with sweat. Audrey whispered something to him and he gently set her down. She looked around at Avery, Seth, and Ethan. 

"Will someone tell me what's going on?" 

Seth broke out into a fit of coughing and Avery rubbed his back gently. Neither of them said anything, so she turned to Ethan and raised an eyebrow. 

Ethan bit his lip and ran a hand through his already tousled hair. "I'm trying to get you guys out of here." 

"And where are we?" Audrey asked. 

"Some kind of warehouse," Justin managed to say from beside her. Audrey frowned at him. He didn't look like he was feeling good at all, but there was nothing she could really do. "Jesse's here somewhere." 

"How do you know that?" 

Ethan narrowed his eyes. "Don't you remember?" 

Audrey tried to remember. But nothing came to mind. "Remember what?" 

"Jesse made all of us black out somehow and then took us here. Now we're trying to get away but we don't know how because nobody remembers anything except being thrown into the car. Do you really not even remember that?" Avery summed everything up. 

Audrey shook her head and Justin sighed. 

"That's not good." he said and looked down at Audrey. "But we'll just have to deal with it." 

She nodded and reached up to hug him. He hugged her back for a brief moment, but quickly pulled away when a loud crash echoed through the halls. Justin immediately straightened up and put his arm in front of Audrey and she rolled her eyes. 

Seth coughed again. "Guys-"

"We should really go." Avery finished for him. Justin opened his mouth as if to object, but then Jesse's outraged voice was heard and they all started running down the hall again. 

They made all kinds of crazy turns, and once they had stopped for the second time, Audrey was sure that they had lost Jesse. 

"I think we're far enough now." she said to Ethan. "Do you know how to get out from here?" 

Ethan shook his head. "I honestly have no clue where we are. The only exit is by Jesse's office and that's in the heart of this place, which we've also lost." 

"Need some help?" 

Every whipped their heads around to see Brandon and Austin standing with their hands behind their backs, smiling like idiots. Audrey's heart sank. They were so close

"Audrey, run." Justin and Avery said at the same time. But all she did was shake her head. 

"It's too late." 

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