Dark Revenge

*Sequel to Dark Paradise* Justin is confused. He knows that him and Audrey aren't going to work out, but what he doesn't understand is why Audrey is staying in Claire's room, when he explained that there was a perfectly good spare room for her to use. And what everybody can't help but notice is Claire's weird behavior around Audrey and Justin. What happens when her secret gets out, and all hell breaks loose? Will Justin and Audrey be forced to work close together again to save the gang, or will everyone start to leave, one by one? And what happens when Audrey realizes that there's still one brother left...? © 2013 by beliebervision & SoccerBieber18. All Rights Reserved.


16. Chapter 15

"So this is your bedroom, huh?" Justin said as they walked in. Audrey rolled her eyes and threw herself down onto the bed. 

"You've been in here before." 

He looked down at her. "Well this time you aren't being kidnapped." 

Audrey nodded. "You're right." she glanced up at him and their eyes met, but she quickly tore her gaze away and leaned over to look at Seth and Avery. "You guys can have the bed, Justin and I will take the floor." 

Seth smiled and Avery thanked her, but Justin was having none of it. He scoffed and threw his hands up. "I am not sleeping on the floor. Period." 

Audrey kept her eyes on Seth. "We're sleeping on the floor." 

"Floors are uncomfortable! You're going to make me suffer?" Justin whined. Audrey glared at him. 

"You? Suffer? On the floor?" she spat. "Well guess what buddy, I just had to get my stomach pumped and saw my first real home blow up so at least I'm grateful that I don't have to sleep on the street." 

Justin opened his mouth to say something, but before he could, Audrey held up her hand. 

"Don't talk." she said calmly. "Seth and Avery are probably as exhausted as we are so we shouldn't be bothering them like this right now. I'm going to take a shower and you're going to come with me, okay?" 

Justin rolled his eyes. "Fine." 

Audrey smiled and hopped off the bed. She looked at Seth and Avery again. "There's extra blankets and pillows in the closet over there if you need them." 

"Thank you Audrey," Avery said and Audrey smiled before following Justin into the bathroom. She shut the door and when she heard the click of the lock, she turned around to look at Justin. 

He had his forehead pressed up against the wall and his eyes closed. Audrey knew he was angry and she knew he was trying his best not to flip out at her. With a sigh, Audrey leaned up against the door. 

"Justin," she said softly. "Please don't be mad."

Justin sighed. "Why shouldn't I be fucking mad? You wanted to come back to this hell hole in the first place."

"We didn't have a choice, Justin!" 

"Bullshit," he spat. "We could've gone anywhere else, but you wanted to come here." 

"Why is that so horrible?!" Audrey yelled. "At least we have somewhere to stay!" 

Justin stood up straight and looked down at her. "Why is it so bad that we're here? That lady fucking beat you almost to death and you don't give a shit?" 

Audrey set her jaw. "It's not about her. At least be grateful that I had the guts to come back here just for you guys. I just got out of the hospital--and trust me, that was worse than Aunt Sara--and then the house blew up and the first thing I thought about was keeping you guys safe, not me. So if you could at least think about someone other than yourself right now, that would be great."

Justin stayed silent as Audrey pushed past him and turned on the shower. She waited until it was hot and then stripped down, trying not to notice Justin's eyes on her as she did. Then she stepped in and let the hot water run down her back. 

After a minute or two, she heard the curtain being pulled open and shut. She knew it was Justin but she didn't want to open her eyes to look at him. There was a pause and all Audrey heard was the running water until she felt Justin put his forehead to hers. 



"Why aren't you mad at me still?" 

"I was never mad at you," he said softly. "I was mad at everything that was going on. Plus, when I am mad at you I can never stay mad for long." 

Audrey took a deep breath before opening her eyes to meet Justin's. A ghost of a smile played at his lips and Audrey almost smiled herself, but managed to stop it. She was having mixed feelings towards everything that were anything but happy. She told herself that she shouldn't be smiling. 

Justin took one hand off her waist and brought it up to cup her cheek. Audrey closed her eyes again and leaned against him. She shivered. 

"You okay?" Justin asked. 

Audrey shrugged. "I don't know. Am I supposed to be shivering still?" 

"Yeah, the doctor said it would be normal." 

"Okay." Audrey said and took a deep breath. Then she shivered once again. This time when she spoke, she sounded like she was going to cry, and she felt like it too. "Justin, I don't want to get sick again." 

He sighed and started to rub her back. "Baby, you're not going to get sick again." he assured her. "Why don't we get out and go to bed?" 

Audrey sniffled and pulled away from him. She looked up at him for a moment and he smiled faintly. Audrey wanted to smile, but instead she leaned up and kissed him. She pulled away almost immediately and moved her gaze to anywhere else but him. 

"Well I came in the shower to get clean, not to talk to you." Audrey said rather harshly. 

"Okay," Justin said and leaned past her. She watched his arm pull back again but this time his hand was closed around the bar of soap that Audrey had planned on grabbing. She raised an eyebrow at him and he smirked. "If you let me help you, I won't talk." 

Audrey sighed. "Haven't you done enough helping today?" 

She knew that response would make him mad, but she'd thought that he would yell at her or something. Instead, he shook his head and said, "Nope. Turn around." 

Without any hesitation at all, Audrey turned around. She backed up a step so the water wasn't hitting her face, and so she was closer to Justin. 

He started with her shoulders and slowly trailed his hands down her arms. Before he could go back up again, Audrey caught his hands and interlaced their fingers. Justin chuckled softly before he placed his lips on her neck. Audrey knew immediately what he was doing and as he started to do it, she tried to stop herself from moaning. It ended up not working, though. 

"Shh," Justin said as he pulled away and placed a kiss on the new red spot on Audrey's neck. "We don't want to wake everyone up, do we?" 

Audrey was about to reply but Justin pulled his hands away from hers and placed them on her waist. He used that opportunity to pull her backwards so her back was pressed up against his chest, then he started to trail his hands up her stomach and to her breasts. She moaned when his lips found their way to her neck again. 


"Mmm you like that?" 

Audrey nodded as his hands moved back down to her waist. At the precise moment that he spun her around, they both heard the sound of the bedroom door being opened and shut. Their heads snapped towards the direction of the bathroom door, even though they couldn't see it. 

"It's either someone leaving the bedroom or coming in," Audrey said as she quickly rinsed the soap off her body. She moved over a bit so Justin could do the same and then she stepped out of the shower so she could dry herself off. 

After she was done, she handed Justin the towel and put on his shirt--assuming he didn't need it. Plus, she liked him without a shirt anyways. 

When she was dressed and her hair was somewhat dry, she turned to Justin. He was leaning up against the wall with his arms crossed over his bare chest. Audrey held her hand out and Justin smiled before he took it in his. Then, Audrey opened the door and they stepped into the bedroom. 

The first thing she noticed was Seth sitting up on the bed. The next thing she noticed was the fact that Avery was missing, and the third thing she noticed was the sound of yelling coming from downstairs. It sounded strangely like Avery and that guy named Daniel that Aunt Sara had earlier. 

Audrey looked over at Seth. "Is Avery downstairs?" 

For a moment he didn't say anything. Audrey noticed that he looked a little disoriented when he glanced at her and she wondered what else was going on. Surely this many strange things couldn't have happened just when Audrey and Justin were in the shower? 

"Weellll she's noottt here soo yeahh she's downnstairrss." Seth said. 

Justin narrowed his eyes and gripped Audrey's hand tighter. "Seth, what happened?" 

"Uhh..." he furrowed his eyebrows and Audrey knew that he was trying to remember. "Ohh! Averryy gavee mee thesee." he held up some kind of pills and Audrey's eyes widened at the same time Justin's did. 

"She drugged you?!" Audrey asked in disbelief. Was Avery going to leave them for the West side like everybody else did?

"Yeeahh but only becaussee she didn't wantt me to yell att herr for goingg downstairss to taalkk to herr dadd." 

"Her dad?" Justin said. "Her dad isn't here, Seth." 

Audrey thought for a moment, and then it hit her. "Come on, Justin. We're going downstairs."

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