Dark Revenge

*Sequel to Dark Paradise* Justin is confused. He knows that him and Audrey aren't going to work out, but what he doesn't understand is why Audrey is staying in Claire's room, when he explained that there was a perfectly good spare room for her to use. And what everybody can't help but notice is Claire's weird behavior around Audrey and Justin. What happens when her secret gets out, and all hell breaks loose? Will Justin and Audrey be forced to work close together again to save the gang, or will everyone start to leave, one by one? And what happens when Audrey realizes that there's still one brother left...? © 2013 by beliebervision & SoccerBieber18. All Rights Reserved.


13. Chapter 12

Justin picked up Audrey bridal style and carried her to the bed laying her down softly. He felt bad for ever leaving her. But he was going to the West-side only to make their lives better. 

With a sigh he took of his shoes and climbed in next to her. He laid her head in his lap as he ran his fingers through her wavy red hair. Audrey was still shaking, sweating, and pale. She looked in a lot of pain and all Justin wanted to do was take it away from her. 

She looked like she was going to vomit again so Justin quickly turned her on her side since she was still sleep. But she woke up gagging and running to the bathroom. Now she was just vomiting spit since all she had was soup today. 

The a sigh Justin quickly rushed to her side. 
"Justin." She whimpered clutching her stomach. He moved the hair put of her face. 
"I'm here baby." He whispered putting her in his lap. She started to get really hot so she lifted off the shirt she was wearing. Justin kissed her forehead before moving her to the bed. Then he went back into the bathroom grabbing her water and wetting a cloth to put on her forehead to cool her down. 

Once he got back in the room Audrey was on the bed shaking uncontrollable and very fast. 
"Shit!" He yelled dropping the stuff from his hands. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head and she had spit coming from her mouth. Justin knew she was having a seizure. "HELP!" He screamed throughout the house. 

Seconds later Avery, Seth, Brandon, and Veronica busted through the door. Everyone gasped except Brandon. 
"Justin turn her on her side now!" He ordered. Justin wanted to smack him because of they way he said that but he sprinted over to Audrey turning her on her side. "She'll be okay just give her a few more seconds." He said calmly. 

Seth was hugging Avery as she cried. She didn't want to see her best friend like this and she felt terribly guilty for causing it. Veronica just stood there with wide eyes covering her mouth as she's never seen anything like that before and it scared her a little. Justin just watched Audrey intently as Brandon was thinking was to do next. 

After about 15 more seconds, Audrey started to slow down before coming to a complete stop. Everyone felt relieved as they saw her eyes come back and for her to stop shaking as much. Justin quickly rushed to her side as Audrey started to cry. 

"Are you okay?" He asked her rubbing her back. She shook her head. 
"What h-happened?" She asked. 
"Don't worry about it." Justin told her stroking her hair. He didn't want to freak her out even more if anything he wanted her to calm down. Justin got the cloth and put it on her head and made her drink some water. Then the doorbell rang. 

Avery was fast to go down the stairs and drag the doctor up. 
"Ok I'm going to ask everyone to leave except Audrey. For privacy reasons." The doctor smiled looking around the room. Everyone left except for Justin. "Do you mind stepping out for a few minutes sir?" The doctor asked politely.
"No! I have to stay with her." Justin said glaring at the doctor as he stroked Audrey's hand. 
"It's only for privacy reasons." The doctor repeated. 
"I've seen all of her body before." Justin shrugged. If Audrey wasn't in so much pain she would have laughed. 

"It's ok." Audrey said to the doctor. With a sigh he let the stubborn boy stay. 
"Since you have to stay with her, can you tell me what happened?" The doctor asked washing his hands and putting on his gloves. 
"She's been vomiting at least 3 to 5 times in 15 minutes at a time and just had a…seizure 3 minutes ago." Justin spoke quietly. The doctor raised his eyebrows. 
"Ok, that's not good. Let's take a look." The doctor said before examining Audrey for 15 minutes. 

"Can I talk to you sir?" Doctor said looking at Justin. Justin nodded shoving his hands in his pockets and walking off to the sides to where the doctor is. "Um Audrey has a very severe case of stomach poisoning. She needs to go to the hospital to get strong medicine so this could go away. I'm not very sure what's going to happen to her since in my 30 years of experience I have never seen such a case." The doctor explained. Justin's heart broke hearing the doctor explain. 

Audrey was laying on the bed looking at them talk intensely. She started to get scared as Justin's face slowly turned into a frown. Then she really got scared when he looked back at her with tears in his eyes. The anxiety and her stomach pains were not a good mix only making matters worst. 

"Thank you sir." Justin said shaking the doctor's hand before he left. He sighed looking at Audrey. She was starring back at him clutching her stomach. 
"What's happening to me?" She asked sounding so weak and hurt making a tear slip Justin's eye. But he quickly wiped it away before walking over to her taking her hands kissing them. 
"We're going to have to go to a hospital." He mumbled looking at Audrey she nodded. "But I promise I'll stay with you through it all." He said before kissing her forehead. 

He quickly went to his dresser pulling out a pair if his sweats and a t-shirt then walking back over to Audrey. She slipped on the clothes before Justin helped her get up. 
"Justin?" She asked before they stepped out his room. 
"Yeah?" He asked smiling. 
"I love you." She smiled. 

Those words coming out of Audrey's mouth first just brighten Justin's whole entire day. 

He smiled and kissed her temple. 

"I love you too." 

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