Dark Revenge

*Sequel to Dark Paradise* Justin is confused. He knows that him and Audrey aren't going to work out, but what he doesn't understand is why Audrey is staying in Claire's room, when he explained that there was a perfectly good spare room for her to use. And what everybody can't help but notice is Claire's weird behavior around Audrey and Justin. What happens when her secret gets out, and all hell breaks loose? Will Justin and Audrey be forced to work close together again to save the gang, or will everyone start to leave, one by one? And what happens when Audrey realizes that there's still one brother left...? © 2013 by beliebervision & SoccerBieber18. All Rights Reserved.


11. Chapter 10



"Mmm" Audrey moaned as Justin was on top of her kissing her neck then down to her breast. She arched her back and bit her lip before moving her hands on to his pants. She undid his belt making his pants fall to his ankles. "J-Justin…" She moaned as he stared to suck on her nipple. 
"Like that?" He asked her moving up to her face. She nodded her head before he connected their lips back together. 

Justin kissed her with so much force it looked like it could hurt Audrey but it didn't she was loving every minute of it. Justin moved his warm hands from her hips to her panties. Audrey smiled sliding her hands into his as they slide off her underwear. 

Audrey felt uncomfortable being the only one naked so she moved her hands to Justin's boxers sliding them off. He was fiercely kissing her neck before he noticed Audrey's hand on his dick. He smirked looking at her. 
"You ready?" He whispered seductively. She nodded moving her hand off of his dick. "Look at me and it won't hurt okay?" He asked getting ready to slip into her. She nodded. 

He slowly went in. Audrey whimpered as it hurt like a mother. 
"Look at me." Justin commanded. Audrey looked at him as he started to thrust slowly trying his best not to hurt her. Audrey grabbed onto his back pulling his body closer to hers as they were chest to chest. 
"Faster!" She whisper-shouted in his ear. Justin smiled before moving a little faster as they rocked gently. 
"Fuck Justin! I said FASTER!" She yelled. His smirk grew. 

"What's my name?" He whispered to her. 

"J-Justin." She moaned. 

"Louder!" He demanded. 

"JUSTIN!" She yelled. 

"Good." Justin smirked before going as fast as he could making them both break a sweat. 
"Oh…Oh…OH!" Audrey moaned louder each time. 
"Hold it baby just a little longer." Justin told Audrey as he was giving it his all now making it harder and harder for Audrey. 
"I-I can't!" She yelled as beads of sweat rolled down her face. 
"Now!" He told her as he did his finally thrust before they both released. 

They were both breathing hard as Justin fell on top of Audrey resting his head in between her boobs. She absentmindedly started to run her hand through his hair. 
"How did that feel?" Justin mumbled kissing her bare chest repeatedly. Audrey giggled. Wanting to tell him she never felt so happy and loved before in her life but she settled with. 

Justin moved his head up and started to kiss. He slowly pulled away. 
"Good." He smiled before they both fell asleep. 


Audrey woke up snuggled against Justin. His arms were around her and hers were curled up in front of her. She instantly smiled and placed a kiss on his chest. Justin groaned and opened his eyes. 

"Hi." Audrey whispered. 

Justin smiled and pushed the hair away from her forehead so he could kiss it. "Hey." 

"Hi." Audrey smiled. She couldn't find anything else to say other than that. 

Justin chuckled. "Are you feeling okay?" 

Audrey furrowed her eyebrows. "Yeah, why wouldn't I?" 

"Try moving." 

Audrey kept her gaze on him for a moment before she sat up. She felt perfectly fine there, but when she moved her legs it felt like an elephant had been kicking her lower area repeatedly. She winced and made a sound in the back of her throat. Justin slowly pushed her back down and brought her back over to him. 

"I'm sorry baby girl," he said and kissed her forehead again. "Does it hurt a lot?" 

She shrugged. "I don't know but I don't want to find out either. I'll just stay here with you." 

Justin frowned. "Uh..." 


He rubbed the back of his neck. "I kind of have some plans today." 

This time, Audrey frowned. She felt like she was about to cry, but she assumed it was just because she was so attached to Justin at the moment. "W-what kind of plans?" 

"Just stuff. I'll be back soon though, okay?" he leaned down and pecked her lips before he got out of bed and disappeared into the bathroom to get dressed. Audrey felt a tear slip down her cheek. It was heartbreaking knowing that Justin was going somewhere and she couldn't do anything about it. 

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