1D Imagines

so this is my 1D imagines i come up with and there will be gifs in it so sorry


1. first Marcel imagine

"Alright marcel you can come to my house to night" you said, as Your Bestfriend begs you to have a Movie night with him 
"omg thank you thank you thank you (Y/N) " Marcel said. 
You opened the door to your bestfriend. 
you guys walked into your living area and set the dvd on, he sits on your couch and pats his lap. for you to sit. 
half way through, the movie he just sits there and look at you . like you are a piece of meat he just want to eat...
He starts to kiss you along your neck, and you start to moan his name. 
But then you remember that He has an Girlfriend and you doesnt want him to cheat on her.
"Marcel don't you have a Girlfriend?" you asked him and he stopped, kissing your body.
"um no we actually broke up earlier this week" he told you.
"Oh My GODI'm so sorry marcel i didn't know" you told him. 
"it's alright it's not your fault" he said. 
He started to kiss you again until you finally stopped him.
"Marcel we can't do this sweetie I'm not ready" You told him...
He got a it surprised and then he just told you one word. 
"Alright..." he said
then he just gave you one kiss and said "and your not a reound to me"

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