Jasmine Warlord and an Assasin's Beginning

In your hands you hold most of my life’s story. This journal is my life’s work and has been written by me. It speaks of my love, my hate, my power, my weaknesses, my abilities, my skills, My style, my friends, my family.

If you have found it and you don’t feel that reading about ‘a murderer’ is important or worthwhile then put this book back and wait for the next worthy one. If you don’t then you are about to read a story of a girl who was led in every direction and got lost along the way. I should probably tell you who I am. I am Jasmina Eloise Warlord…. Then again my last name was originally Fangven but its no longer. But just call me Jasmine.


3. Exploration

There was also a wand in the chest; a mage can channel power through things, which is why they are always seen using wands and staffs, it makes the magic flow more easily through their body, making them more powerful. And a wand is no more than a stick and a staff no more than a carved tree limb without a mage, sorcerer, witch, wizard, magician, sorceress or enchantress.

I found nothing more in the chest except a small bottle labeled Nightshade Wolvesbane Poison.

So I went to the dresser and opened it wide. It was full of cloths (obviously): There was a travelers cloak, a mages cloak, a ruby red velvet dress, a black dress with the arms and bottom slightly torn (vampire’s),  a white gown that looked like it belonged to a wedding bride, a leotard with long sleeves and a fingerless hand piece at the end it also had a cape and clause, a maid’s outfit, a simple long sleeved shirt, several pairs of sweat pants and jeans, a red jacket with a hood that zipped up, a winter coat that looked like it was made out of real fur, and a beautiful snow white dress with dark red stains all over it.

I looked away from the dress and prayed that the stain wasn’t blood. I looked to the bottom of the Narnian dresser and found a jewelry box and a sword with sapphires in the hilt, a pair of matching daggers sat beside it, waiting patiently for battle.

I pulled out the jewelry box seeing how it was covered in dust I blew the dust off and looked at the wooden carvings along it. The carvings were lines racing along the chest; I smiled as I ran my hand across them. They looked elegant and a bit like fire. I looked at the keyhole and went to the dresser and found no key. I frowned. Pity, I really wanted to look in it. I looked at the lock and saw that the key should be a disk. I sat it on my bed and opened the other chest. This one was more interesting, it’s bottles were labeled so I read a few: Rat Spine, Willow and Oak Bark,, Snake Fangs, Dried Nettles, Porcupine Quills, Frog Intestines, Human Flesh, Human Blood, Squirrel Fur, Burdock Root, Moss, Blue Darling Wing, Spider, Scorpion Stinger, Bear Claw, Goose Egg, Robin Feather, Raven Beak, and so many more.

There were two books in there too big for the bookshelf. I left them be and looked through it. I found an old journal and saw it was filled with cursive writing. I set that down on the floor and found another one (black) and empty I left that there and continued looking. I wanted to find what I was looking for. I searched for the key. I frowned, I expected the other medallion to be in the other chest. I guess I was wrong.

I sighed. I really wanted to open the jewelry box. I tried the next best thing, I grabbed the green medallion from the chest it focused its slitted eye on me again and asked the same question. “Did you belong to my father?” I asked “Yes, your father was my previous owner; he seems to have left me though.” Answered the gem, it was creepy it felt as though the eye was speaking in my head rather than in front of.

“What was he like?” I asked the eye “He was a good man, stubborn, brave, kind hearted and quick thinking. He’d do anything to help his friends. He never backed down from a fight which got him into trouble countless times. He trusted those closest to him and they did the same. He did what was right, even if it hurt him. And he truly loved your mother.” Answered the medallion and I sat down on the bed

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