Jasmine Warlord and an Assasin's Beginning

In your hands you hold most of my life’s story. This journal is my life’s work and has been written by me. It speaks of my love, my hate, my power, my weaknesses, my abilities, my skills, My style, my friends, my family.

If you have found it and you don’t feel that reading about ‘a murderer’ is important or worthwhile then put this book back and wait for the next worthy one. If you don’t then you are about to read a story of a girl who was led in every direction and got lost along the way. I should probably tell you who I am. I am Jasmina Eloise Warlord…. Then again my last name was originally Fangven but its no longer. But just call me Jasmine.


2. Dragon

When I woke up I saw a dragon. It was the size of a house. Its eyes were the size of garbage cans and each one of its wings were the size of its body. It was a dark grey and had cat like ears, and a few spikes running down its back. Its wings had a claw on the joint. It had long silver claws that looked like they could up root trees. It opened its mouth showing many pearly white fangs. Its eyes were a bright yellow and it looked at me casually.

Nightstar sat by its feet. “You sure this is her?” asked the dragon in a clearly feminine voice. “Of course!” hissed Nightstar “So should I take her?” the dragon asked “Take her.” Nightstar said

I had just been sold out by one of my only friends. I hate to say it but I screamed as the dragon walked over to me, the trees were so tall that she was still at least 50 feet under the tops. She stretched out her wings which were a night black with a few silver scales on the bottoms that reminded me of stars.

I screamed at the top of my lungs and the dragon rolled her eyes and grabbed me around the waist with a clawed hand. She took flight: bursting through the treetops. I continued to scream through the air. The dragon looked down at me in curiosity. I noticed Nightstar sitting upright on her back. “Where are you taking me?” I asked in fear as my voice was swept away by the wind

“Home.” Replied the dragon, who reverted her gaze back on the sky ahead of her. It had been about 30 minutes and my throat was sore from screaming and my body had gone limp after a long period of struggling. The dragon smiled, so did Nightstar, as the dragon folded her wings close to her body and pointed her nose downward, pressing her long limbs close to her body, she dove.

I screamed until I watched her stretch out her back legs as she landed on a limb of a tree, a tree at least 3 stories tall. She looked very awkward in this position. And picked me up with two clawed fingers she bit down on the back of my t-shirt. She climbed down the tree like some kind of freakish scaled squirrel. She walked into a cave and walked through several large stone spaces and walked down, I realized that I must be deep underground.

She never even needed to duck her head. She walked into a room and dropped me. I saw a three doorway sized hole in the stone wall and I dove in. I looked out seeing that the area the dragon was in was lit by torches on the wall.

I looked about the ‘hole’ and soon saw that it wasn’t a hole in the wall. It was a room. It had a bed, a desk in the corner, a night side table, several books shelves, a indention in the stone wall that could be used for storing just about anything, a dresser that looked like it belonged in Narnia, a chest at the end of the bed and one beside the dresser, and a torch that hung on the wall. I picked up a candle from on the desk and felt I was going to be more of a prisoner than a meal.

I sat down on the bed and wasn’t sure what to do. I walked over to the desk, which was littered with blank parchment. I opened the chest to see many different things, dark unlabeled jars, a few books too big for the bookshelf, a mage’s medallion that had a golden plate with a rounded, green emerald like gem sitting atop the gold plate (this could still fit in the palm of my hand) it was attacked to a golden chain and the whole thing gleamed in the torchlight.

A black slitted pupil became visible and moved about in the green gem until it focused on me. “What do you wish to know.” It asked in a male voice that sounded un-human, to serpentine. I looked at it and placed it back in the chest slitted eye down so that I couldn’t be creeped out. I saw some words carved into the back; I didn’t know how to read really, I knew how to read obscure words but simple words like frog I failed to read. The words one the back I could read, they were Amos Fangven, Warlord of the Serpentacri.

 Serpentacri were a vicious tribe of Nagas that were run into the forest and trapped in a cave which entrance collapsed, trapping them. Some say that they died while others say that they lived adapting to their lightless cave by adapting away all their human resemblance, leaving them as giant serpent people.

And Fangven was originally my last name, my father’s last name... And Amos was my dad’s name so did that mean that this was his? And he lived to escape the dragon? Well at least now I knew why he was called Warlord, he was a Warlord to the Seropentacri.

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