Tempting Fate

(synopsis in progress)


2. Missing

"Lily Frost? Where the hell do you think you're going?!" The high pitched screech of Miss Wilson echoes down the corridor after me.

"I...err...I gotta' go!" I call back, hurling myself round the corner and towards the doors that lead out to the playground. It’s bound to be just my luck they're locked. The doors are not locked; allowing me to fling them open, race through the empty playground ahead and skid to a halt once I'm outside the school gates.

I bend over to catch my breath... I've never walked out of a lesson before but on this particular day I really need to be somewhere else because I have somewhere more important to be. I look briefly from left to right- trying to decide which way would be the quickest route home… I choose left, knowing that it should take about ten minutes to reach my destination I continue my head-on run up onto the high-street, latching onto a lamppost and swinging round at a 90 ° angle so I’m facing the direction I want to go. I catch one last glimpse of the school gates, ignoring the sleek black Audi with tinted windows that’s parked outside, ‘It wasn’t there before…’ but new people are always turning up at Heathwood College- the car park is round the back, new people always come in the front. It doesn’t matter to me anyway and by the time I step up to front door of Lucy’s shop in the record time of ten minutes exactly I have forgotten all about it. I have to dig around in my pocket for the key because for some reason the shop is closed which is strange... considering it's a Wednesday afternoon, the time of day people usually stop by to take a look at the various gifts and quirky characters that Lucy spends her spare time making ready to sell the next day.

The little bell above the door rings when I open it and I am greeted by Lucy’s black tom; Marmite. The cat rubs itself up against my legs and begins to purr loudly before padding back in the opposite direction and jumping up onto the desk where he makes himself comfortable on a pile of papers.

“Hello?” I call into the darkness of the shop, made even darker by the storm clouds brewing outside. I switch on the light then open the door labelled ‘Staff Only’  behind the till.

“Lucy?”  it is clear Lucy is not around. Lucy is my aunt, she’s more of a friend if anything and has always been more of a parent to me than my mum and dad- I mean- Jack put together. I can’t really blame mum though because she’s dead. She died when I was three so I don’t remember her, Jack told me she died in an accident but he never said what sort. I left it at that, I never push Jack for answers. Jack is my biological dad- my parents never divorced or anything but ‘Dad’ doesn’t suit a man like Jack Frost. He's just Jack to me.

Even stranger than the fact that the shop is closed is the fact that Lucy isn’t here… She’s nearly always sitting behind the desk sipping a cup of Earl Grey while serving customers at the same time whenever I come in at whatever time she is open. Why not today? and where is she? It’s too early to panic yet but I can feel a knot forming in my stomach, I push it away and try to focus on something else but I find myself feeling unnerved by Lucy’s little clay figures and their bright yellow eyes all staring at me from their shelves. I step through the ‘staff only’ door into the office and feel a little better because I no longer have to put up with the feeling of being watched.

It is only when I close the door that I see the note sellotaped to the back. My breath catches in my throat as I begin to read.

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