Red is not a normal teenage girl. She's radioactive, which means being a hated freak for the rest of her life. Day by day it's the same excruciating routine, until a freak accident at the factory that ends up in Red meeting Avery and Lucian, two fellow radioactives. The three end up embarking on a journey and discover things about themselves and uncover a mystery that just might change their fate...Forever


1. Unforeseen Comings

1378 T.E. Earth as been left as a barren wasteland after the nuclear war between the U.S and North Korea. Civilization was shattered, deaths increased, and there was no hope for a future. Eventually, nations were built, The American Union being the strongest, after decades of hard work. Soon people begin to forget about the tragic war decades ago. One thing always reminded them though. Radioatives, otherwise known as Rads for short. The few who are immune to the radioactive spores that were birthed during the war, killing billions. The spore cells meld with the cells of those who were immune, and gave them abilities that make them dangerous to society They are instructed by the governments of the Union nations to be quarantined and kept under strict supervision due to the death they cause to those who aren't immune when touched or gotten close too. Most are considered freaks and hated in society. But three people will change the interface of human thought on Rads forever.

Chap 1: Unforseen Comings

The morning light burned Red's scarlet eyes. She turned to the side, groaning from the soreness in her side. Here comes any hard day of work, she thought. Grimacing at the thought of pushing her body to the limit once more, She gets up and heads to the bathroom in the small, cramped apartment. The water from the faucet pours into her outstretched hands and she splashes the somewhat cold water onto her face, grateful she was able to get a handful this time instead of a few drops. Water was running low again in Cali city, and the residents were set to small portions of water to save the little that was left. Red looked up at her eyes in the mirror, those beautiful deep scarlet eyes that are one of the many unusual eye colors Rads get when they turn Radioactive.
Red always hated those eyes.


She turned away from the mirror, not standing to look at herself any longer, and changed into her once white T-shirt, cargo pants, and work boots. She opened the door, only to be greeted by two quarantine agents in full bodysuits and face masks. Red pushed past them without a word, knowing they would be following. When she was younger, Red used to wish that one day they would find a cure, and people wouldn't have to follow her, or look at her like she was some freak, or put on gloves and a face mask when she was around.


She stopped wishing for things that would never come true a long time ago.


She walked through the hallways of Ackwood Apartments, ignoring the people refraining from coming out their doors and locking themselves back into their apartments, or the people who backed away from her when she came near. She arrived at the elevator, waiting for the quarantine workers to clear the area. After they had finished, Red entered, used to the distance the workers kept from her, despite their head to toe gear. People and their superstitions, Red thought to herself, as the doors opened and the workers hurried on out, it's not like I asked to be this way.


She walked into the lobby, empty as usual due to her arrival. She walked up to the AHS, short for Artificial Humane System, by the heavy double doors, who turned it's robotic head towards her. "ID?", it said it's somewhat female voice. It had the look of a female figure too. It could pass off as a actual human, except the screws that conjoined its parts were an immediate giveaway. Red held rolled up her sleeve, revealing the barcode on her shoulder. The AHS scanned it with the Scanning lens located between its "knuckles"."Scan completed", it said,"Confirmed as radioactive." It pulled out a Communication Pod. "Initiating warning.", it said. Red tapped her foot, waiting to get out as a warning came out of the speaker outside in the town square. "Radioactive entering area, all citizens are required to don face masks and gloves to avoid risk of death, I repeat, Radioactive entering area, all citizens are required to don face masks and gloves to avoid risk of death.", the speakers blared. The AHS gestured towards the door, and Red passed, feeling even more of a freak than she did before.
She was used to it though. It's been that way since she was three.


Everyone looked at her as she walked out into the town square, flanked by two quarantine workers. Some looked with fear, others with wonderment, and all with pure disgust. Red put her head down, trying her best to just keep walking and ignore the eyes practically boring into her skin. People backed away from her as usual, trying to stay as far away from her as possible. Red and the workers maneuvered through the crowded streets of Cali City. Hover cars flew above in open air transit roads. AHS' bustled about, carrying out errands for their owners. Announcements scrolled on PB Hover Boards. As usual, it was a busy day, and Red was no where near happy to be a part of it.


She finally arrived at the factory, sighing. She allowed herself to be scanned by a somewhat male AHS, who initiated the same warning as the other one before, then pushed open the doors and went  inside. Red took a deep breath, preparing herself for the hard work to come.


Everyone inside were already geared up, working as if they were never interrupted. Red passed the workers, each with undisguised disgust on their faces, and headed out into the courtyard area. The men carrying and moving the heavy stone blocks ignored her as usual. It wasn't like this at first. It was highly unlikely for a female to take up a brutal job such as this one, lifting heavy stones in the unforgiving heat, especially a Rad. She was somewhat a  spectacle at the factory, and the men weren't all that welcoming. Red didn't really care though. Frankly, she needed the money, and thanks to her radioactive cells, she was able to lift stone blocks that would take 10 men to carry by herself. All in all, she would do whatever it took to survive, and a little unwelcome feelings and heat weren't about to stop her.


Red flexed arms and took the nearest block in the holding area. She started pulling it toward the mining area on the other side of the courtyard, where other workers broke the blocks into smaller pieces, grunting with the effort. Red had barely dragged the massive stone block halfway across the courtyard when she felt an explosion rock the inside of the factory. Screams rang out. Sirens blared. Red didn't have to be inside to know chaos was taking over the inside of the factory. All the men turned toward her, thinking if there was anything disastrous going on, it would be her fault. Red ran to the heavy double doors, ignoring the accusing stares, and swung them open without a second thought. Whoever did this, she thought as she looked at the wreckage that was once the factory, it definitely wasn't me.


 There was barely a roof left, and what was left of it was falling in pieces. The floor was covered in deep cracks. Smoke was everywhere, and  machines as well as AHS' lay shredded to pieces on the floor. Bodies were strung out everywhere and those who remained alive  were frantically searching for a way out. Little fires broke out due to the machine wreckage and all around Red people trapped under heaps of broken stone called for help. A woman a few feet away from Red moaned in pain, and Red stepped toward her to help. The woman eyes widened as she saw her approach and frantically scooted away from Red, despite her battered legs. "Get away from me!", she said, her voice hoarse and strained with pain. Red stopped, hiding her hurt feelings under a stony glare, and turned away from the woman. There was nothing she could have done anyway, Red thought to herself, though a part of her still felt guilty for turning away so quickly.


Red squinted at the smoke in the middle of the factory, making out two figures heading her way. She tensed  not knowing what to expect, and took a step forward. Before she could go any further the two figures emerged from the smoke. They were a boy and a girl, who looked to be her age. "Red right?", the girl said, and her silvery white eyes indicated she was radioactive, and judging by the gold eyes with silver specks, so was the boy. Red narrowed her eyes, debating on whether or not she should answer the question. "Yeah.", She said eventually, figuring it could do no harm. "You need to come with us, the guy said , taking a step forward. His dark brown hair was disheveled, and he was at least a foot taller than both Red and the girl. There was hard set determination in his eyes, and he looked like he wasn't going anywhere without Red. Red took a step back. "Whoa, who said I was going anywhere with you?", she said, eyebrows raised. "Look", the girl said looking distraught, " Any minute now the ES (Emergency Services), is gonna burst through here and arrest you for the intentional destruction of this factory and its workers." Red shook her head, not believing any of this was happening. "What are you talking about? This isn't my fault." She said, looking from the girl to the guy next to her. "Don't you see?", the girl said holding her hands up, gesturing to the destruction around her, "Your being framed." The guy held out his hand. " And your only chance is with us.", he continued 


Red looked from the girl to the guy next to her, wondering if this was all some joke. For all she knew this could be their fault, and could be just turning her in for money. ES sirens blared in the distance. The girl looked in the direction of the sirens and back at Red with a sense of urgency. But then again, she thought, the ES will most likely arrest her out of prejudice, just  because she's radioactive. It's not like it hasn't happened before.


Red took one last look around her. Well here goes, she thought, and took the guy's hand.



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