Logan is just your average teenager; bored all the time and can't sleep enough. Then she's adopted by Stella and Louis. Their house is weird; black and gray, and not too many windows. Then she wakes up one night with a bite mark on her neck, and a craving for red juice. Stella and Louis realize what happened, and then they teach her how to deal with being: A Vampire. But not just any vampire; the strongest vampire alive.


1. Adopted?

I could be outside right now, smiling with friends, or singing songs. Instead, I’m sitting on an orphanage bed, sulking and moaning about nothing in particular. My curly light brown hair keeps falling over my bright brown eyes, and I blow it back, without moving my crossed arms. Across the room, almost the whole 14-17 dormitory of Miss Lindsey’s Orphanage is huddled, fawning over some teen chick magazine. Trina glances over at me, and motions for me to join them, but I sink lower in my bed. Then Miss Lindsey comes crashing in the door, and all the girls scatter for their beds. Even Vanity Recto, the owner of the magazine, hides it under her pillow. Miss Lindsey is a no nonsense woman, with a large build, and a thin mouth. She scans the room, and then thunders over to my bed.

“Logan, today’s your lucky day,” she says, patting my back, “Someone wants to adopt you.” I gape. No one wants to adopt a 16 year old. No 16 year old has ever left this orphanage as long as I’ve been here. Miss Lindsey gives me a carry-on suitcase.

“Pack your things. You leave tomorrow morning.”

She leaves, and Vanity glares at me.

“Why her?” she mouths to someone else. Vanity is my sworn enemy. She never liked me, but I hated her. The girl she was mouthing to, Liz, mouths back. “I don’t know.”

Then Vanity pulls out her magazine. The swarm attracts to her, and the giggling and fawning commences. I’m still in shock, as I’m packing my few belongings. Logan Erichs, the lonely girl, is being adopted. I don’t think I’ll really miss anyone, not Maya and her seaweed smell, Vanity and her horde of makeup, Lexi and her compassion for flowers. Either way, it’s curfew, and if the other girls want to get in trouble, let them, but I need to sleep.

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