Another Broken Soul

All it really took was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And, being new to the... surprises, that came along with residing in Beacon Hills, California didn't help one bit. When Ada Everett is shipped off to her aunt's home, tucked away in this mysterious town, she is met with a new lifestyle. A dangerous and risky one at that. Sacrifices are made, and hearts are broken in that process. Or, is it too much for Ada to handle? After all, some people don't make it out of this horror story alive.

Too bad once you enter this nightmare, there's no going back.


1. Moving In

"Just don't make eye contact with anybody or talk to any of my friends and your Beacon Hills High school experience should go by just fine."

"Lydia, that's not what I meant when I said advice." my aunt scolded her daughter. As if I wasn't already flipping out about going to a new school in a new state. Hell, a new side of the country. Lydia just had to put the nice little cherry on top. Because trust me, she could be a nightmare if she put her mind to it.

Once upon a time, there was a happy little girl tucked away in a quaint little town deep in the heart of sunny ol' Florida. One day, the little girls mom suddenly told her out of the blue that she was to go stay with her Aunt Christy halfway through the semester for who knows how long. She never told the girl why, just sent her off. So voila! Here I am. Trapped in Casa De La Brat. Of course, there a bit more to that, but best not to bore you with it.

"Well, you never asked for specifics." Lydia scoffed, flicking a lock of her strawberry blond hair from her shoulder. Today, they were sporting an exotic looking set of barrel curls. The usual I guess. I wouldn't quite know since I had only arrive yesterday. And jet lag was a bitch, let me tell you.

"Either way, it's time to go. Be nice." Aunt Christy said, giving us both a light push toward the door. Clearly, that last part was directed toward Lydia who huffed, muttering something beneath her breath about not wanting to be 'man handled'. Diva.

If you haven't noticed, Lydia and I... well, we weren't exactly best friends. She was the princess of the family, and I was the little import. But hey, it's only been a day, who knows what'll change.

Lydia began outside, headed toward her precious cherry red spit-shined Mustang sports car. Apparently she got it for her birthday last year. Me? I was lucky if I got a couple of bucks and a card. But hey, I'm not complaining. I'd take that over nothing any day. Lydia went straight to the drivers seat and placed her mug of coffee on the roof of her car as she messed with the lock.

"Listen Ada. I'm having my birthday party tonight, so stay out of my way and everything will be just fine, kay?" she told me with a sickly sweet little smirk tagged on at the end. Though, I guess it was a rhetorical question, because when I opened my mouth for a response she had climbed in the Mustang. Lydia slid her sunglasses from the top of her head to cover her eyes and then peered at herself in the rear view mirror. The strawberry blond diva fluffed her hair a bit and then rummaged through her purse until she found a tube of what appeared to be cherry red lipstick. I shook my head as she swiped a thick layer on over her lips, smiling in satisfaction at herself.


I watched as the engine rumbled to life and the sleek red vehicle rolled down the driveway and onto the street. My arms flung up in a defeated sort of way, and I called after her. "Whatever you'd like your Majesty. And thanks for the ride!"

What I didn't understand was why she chose to drive and waste gas when the school was only a five minute walk. I simply shook my head. Better not to ask I guess. I began to walk, sighing as I adjusted the strap on my bag on my shoulder. Time to go I guess.

Living in California was so different than Florida. For one, it was quite chilly here for only being mid-September. Back in the Sunshine State, it'd feel like summer still. Also, it was incredibly hilly. I mean, I swear every house in this small but grand neighborhood was at a different altitude.

About the neighborhood. I was so used to living in a small town where a lot of people lived. So, each neighborhood was large with small homes. Just a simple one story, three bedroom two bathroom sort of place. But here? Here it was a whole other story. Or at least where the Martin's lived. It was a smaller community with only ten or twelve houses, but they were huge. Large two -some even three- story homes with a pool and everything. Fancy, I know. The neat thing though, was that the neighborhood was basically surrounded by a thin mass of trees, like a forest. I liked that bit.


I knew I had reached Beacon Hills High school when I heard the chatter of students. I looked up from my feet to see a parking lot with cars maneuvering through trying to find a spot. I saw long yellow buses, no doubt grimy and stingy as always. And there were people. Lots and lots of them. It was definitely bigger than my last school for sure.

There were clusters of students clumped together in their groups as usual. Though, there were a few floaters who decided to hang alone and do their own thing. Then, there were the pairs, probably the couples that thought they were too cool for groups or being on their own. But the groups are what made up most of the crowd.

Each one had a distinction. There were the artists; the ones who sat in the courtyard sketching away or snapping photos. There were the stoners; the ones who were just chilling together, clearly either plastered -which was quite impressive this early- or higher than the Empire State building. But mostly? There were the jocks.

These were the guys who -no, didn't have football jerseys like they did back home- but instead had lacrosse sticks strapped in their bags. Clearly this was the confident, cocky, and arrogant lot. The way they laughed, looking at passing students like they were some sort of disease, gave that much away. The stereotypical jerks. And guess who was currently latched onto one of them like a leech? Yeah, Lydia. Go figure.

To be completely honest, I prefer quality over quantity. I'd much rather have a small handful of hand-picked friends than a whole mass that I couldn't even remember the names of. That was you know you can rely on them. Being popular was never really a big thing for me. Back home it just kind of happened I guess. People knew who I was and yeah, I acknowledged that, but I still hung around my main group of three people. Yes, just three.

As I walked up the steps to the hall that led to the office, I knew Lydia had spotted me. I literally walked right past that jock group in order to get to my student orientation. I could feel a few more sets of eyes following me, clearly curious. Then, male voices followed.

"Who's that?"

"Finally, a hot new girl."

Yeah, what a way to get a girl's attention. Normally, I'd just roll my eyes at their over-confident comments, but I could literally feel Lydia's glare burning slowly through each layer of skin. It was creepy. But, for some reason it made me smirk. I stopped and looked over my shoulder, my freshly curled long, light brown hair bouncing around my shoulders as I did so. Then, I flashed a 'friendly' smile toward my dear cousin, who returned the sickly sweet gesture. Then, I laughed softly and kept walking.

Maybe this wouldn't be too bad, right? I mean, I didn't come too late in the year, still in time for lacrosse tryouts since it was a spring sport. Yes, I play lacrosse. What? It's not just a guys sport. A little birdy told me Beacon Hills had a pretty intense girl's team, and it was incredibly difficult to make first string. But, it was worth a shot. I felt that I had a decent chance.

I stood in front of the double doors that led to the inside of the school and took a deep breath. I laid a hand on the handle and hesitated to enter. This was it, the start of my new life. It's not every day that you get to basically restart your life and put the other part on much as I'd been trying to convince myself it would be a nightmare, an inkling of hope sparked inside of me. Maybe it wasn't. Maybe it was a good thing. Either way, there was not going back now even if I tried. I took a deep breath and then swung open the door, a blast of noise hitting me.

Let's do this.










Anywho, enough with my frustration. PLEASE comment and like!  I wanna hear some feedback if you like it or not! Leave some predictions, ideas, feedback! I read all of them! It brightens my day...


-Jess xx

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