Another Broken Soul

All it really took was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And, being new to the... surprises, that came along with residing in Beacon Hills, California didn't help one bit. When Ada Everett is shipped off to her aunt's home, tucked away in this mysterious town, she is met with a new lifestyle. A dangerous and risky one at that. Sacrifices are made, and hearts are broken in that process. Or, is it too much for Ada to handle? After all, some people don't make it out of this horror story alive.

Too bad once you enter this nightmare, there's no going back.


3. Get This Party Started

•Chapter 3•

When Lydia says she's throwing a party, she means a party. Not a little get-together where everyone sits around watching a movie and getting fat off chips and soda while talking. Definitely not a party I was used to. 

I had been dressed in my school outfit when everyone came; light denim skinny jeans that were slightly ripped around the thighs, a floral tank top, and a jean vest with a light gray scarf. The shoes I had on were some brown leather combat boots that I had absolutely fallen in love with. Aunt Chrsity had advised that I curled my hair for the first day of school, so I took her advice. That explained why my light brown, almost auburn, locks where curled by a wand I had found in Lydia's bathroom into tight curls that had relaxed into cute beachy waves. 

Apparantly none of that was good enough. 

As soon as Lydia trotted downstairs to get the door when the first guest arrived, I knew I was screwed. Lydia had on a strapless cotten candy pink dress that came around two inches above her knee. There was a black sash around her waist that seperated the black lace layer that intricately decorated te upper half from the simple pink of the bottom half. As if that wasn't fancy enough, Lydia was managing to walk in black 6 inch platform heels with a peep toe like they were absolutely nothing. What the actual hell. 

I could barely even walk straight in tennis shoes. 

"Are you just going to sit there? Get the door!" Lydia snapped at me, scurrying across the living room were I was watching TV to the door. With a deep breath, the strawberry blonde wiped the scowl off her face that had been directed toward me and replaced it with a dazzling smile for the guest. 

When Lydia opened the door, she instantly relaxed when she saw it was a chocolate haired girl in a sleek black dress that seemed casual enough when she paired it with a cute tan blazer as well as some nude heels. And a gold necklace that topped of the gorgeous look. 

"Allison! Thank God. I still need to finish my makeup." Lydia gasped, grabbing her friend in a hug, clearly relieved. 

My gaze instantly snapped to the two of them, and I got up, supressing a mischievous smirk. Instead, I put on a friendly smile as I walked over. Lydia instantly groaned and unwillingly stepped aside to let me in the conversation. 

"Hi, I'm Ada. Lydia's cousin." I introduced myself with a small wave and smile. 

Allison returned the smile with a little nod and wave. "Allison. Lydia never mentioned you before. Are you visiting?" she asked curiously, tucking some of her freshly curled hair behind her ear. 

I shook my head with a chuckle. No surprise really that Lydia had never mentioned me. After all, I was the loser cousin. "No, not exactly. I moved in yesterday for a while." I replied with a shrug. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Lydia roll her eyes. 

"But she's gonna leave eventually." Lydia butt in, glaring at me as if she meant now. I simply rolled my eyes with a smirk. 

"I guess that's my cue." I said, a smirk twitching at the corner of my lips and then turned around to leave. But, to be polite, I waved goodbye. "Nice meeting you Allison." I said and then made my disappearance.

• • •

An hour later is when the real party got going. Everybody began to show up, greeting Lydia with various 'happy birthday's, hugs, and presents. Half an hour before is when the music began to blast and the lights turned off to be illuminated with neat party lights. 

Out the window from my room I could see the pool deck decorated with twinkling while Christmas lights. I would admit, that was cool. Then, the actual pool had te changing lights on, and clear beach balls littered the water. It was only a matter of time before drunken teenagers were jumping into the flourescent water and throwing them at eachother. Aunt Christy told me this is the one day of the year other than Lydia's New Years party that she left and pretended she didn't know a thing. 

By now, there were at least thirty people dancing outside, more and more flooding in by the minute. I grinned and tore my gaze from the window. Time to go.

I got up from my bed and moved across the room to my closet, leafing through the few dresses I owned. I pulled out a tight forest green one held it uo to my body. The top was ruffled slightly while from the waist down was form-fitting, short, and skimpy. It wasn't so slutty when I first bought it, but that was two years ago. As were two of my other dresses. 

Two more dresses came and went with the same issue. Too small. Then another one that had a rip in the seam that was too complex to fix. Finally, my last -and favorite- one had a giant stain on the front, thanks to my wonderful brother who spilt my mom's wine on me at Thanksgiving dinner last year. I groaned in frustration and flung myself back on my bed, staring up at the ceiling. What could I do? 

Well... I suppose Lydia has enough dresses for an army. If that army enjoyed dressing up that is. I caught my lip between my teeth and got up, slowly making my way across the hall to Lydia's room. Slowly, as if she had some kind of alarm system hooked up to her door, I cracked it and poked my head inside. The lights were turned off except for a simple bed side lamp. 

Her room was a hell of a lot cleaner than mine. Everything seemed to have it's place tucked away on a shelf or hidden in a drawer. For a diva, Lydia had a fair amount of larger books on her bookshelf. A tray of perfumes and lotions sat on her vanity desk as well as a neat rack of eyeshadows in a variety of colors. Her lipsticks were slid in a drawer beneath that rack. Everything else was in a simple box, no doubt color coordinated and in it's precise position. 

"Wow. I'll gve her props for orginization..." I mumbled to myself, quite impressed. Then, I made a beeline toward her closet. But, something caught my eye. Tucked in the corner of her vanity mirror was a piece of paper with a gorgeous, but sullen looking drawing of a bare, almost dying, tree. Lydia has never struck me as the artistic type... Fashionisa, yes. Drawing? Not so much. I admired the neat stroked of the black pen she ha used. Some sort of interest sparked inside of me, but was quickly pushed aside when she heard a voice in the hallway. 

"One second! Let me grab something!" 


I desperately looked for a place to hide. She would not appreciate me snooping in her room one bit. So, I did the smart thing and dove into her huge walk in closet and squeezed in the corner when I heard muffled footsteps, the click of heels hitting the wooden floorboards. Of course, she came to the closet and I silently burrowed ny body deeper back, behind the rack of clothes hanging from a metal bar and in a corner. She leafed through her jackets, which I just so happened to be behind. Light leaked into the space I was hidden in, and it gradually made it's way closer and closer to me. My heart pounded and I had my eyes squeezed shut in anxiety. But fortunately, Lydia seemed to find what she was looking for. A nude colored blazer. Then, with a huff and the finaly clicking of her heels, she was gone. 

I let out a breath I didn't even know I was holding, and my whole body relaxed. That was close. 

It took me a couple of moments to literally army crawl out of her mass of clothes. Then, I stood up and looked at her selection of dresses. There were plenty to choose from. Lydia definitely around my size, maybe a size bigger. I nibbled my lip with a smile as I eyed a smoky gray dress. It had a halter strap starting at one side and wrapped around my neck to the other. The neckline was an elegant sweetheart cut and the upper part around the chest was sheer and loose. But, it tightened around the waist to be a form fitting pencil skirt that was stitched to be folded over in some spots. It faded from a smoky gray to darker gray to te bottom. Honestly, it was stunning, let's hope it looked good. 

I disappeared off to my room and rummaged throught the bottom of my own closet for some shoes. I managed to pick out some black heels that I didn't even know I owned. They were platforms that was closed toed and a good four inches. Well, they shouldn't be that difficult to walk in if I owned them, right? I shrugged and then stripped down. Then, I shimmied the dress on, that fortunately fit perfectly, hugging me in the right places. I wore some cute dangly dream catcher earrings as well as a few silver bracelets. 

Time to move onto hair. I simply just touched up my curls and pinned a strand back to keep it from my face. As for my makeup, I did a simply yet effective smoky eye effect that wasn't too much, but casual at the same time. A layer of mascara and a thin line of liquid liner was enough to finish that look as well as some simple dark red lipstick that matched perfectly. I wasn't the kind of girl who loved dark colors, actually, I disliked them. But, on certain occassions they looked nice, and this was one of those occasions. 

Finally, I had finished, and it was time to hit the party. Real quickly, I studied my appearance in the mirror one last time before I headed off. I needed to make sure it was okay. With one last quick look out the window, I noticed it was the same level of formality as everybody else, so therefore I guess it was good enough. 



This chapter sucked, I'm sorry. It was a filler and I was on a camping trip xD so I start highschool tommorow.... I'm literally the definition of terrified right now. I swear I'm gonna forget the order of my classes or where they are. Goodness... Wish me luck.

So! Whaddya think of this chapter, hm hm hm? c: Leave some feedback, predictions, or ideas you have.

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-Jess xx

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