Another Broken Soul

All it really took was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And, being new to the... surprises, that came along with residing in Beacon Hills, California didn't help one bit. When Ada Everett is shipped off to her aunt's home, tucked away in this mysterious town, she is met with a new lifestyle. A dangerous and risky one at that. Sacrifices are made, and hearts are broken in that process. Or, is it too much for Ada to handle? After all, some people don't make it out of this horror story alive.

Too bad once you enter this nightmare, there's no going back.


2. First Day

Chapter Two

I will admit, school was never the one thing I looked forward to, but I was suddenly okay with it when I had a very attractive guy as my tour guide. Though, first I had to go through this whole lecture about how 'we're an A plus school with a zero tolerance for bullying' and some crap. 

No shit, I think every vice principle is obligated to say that to a new student. It was in the book if they have some sort of 'How To Run A School: For Dummies'. 

That alone seemed to extend on forever and ever, and I swear I felt myself falling asleep after he said 'welcome'. But once he mentioned student tour guide, I perked up straight away. Good, this meant he was almost done. And I could actually socialize with somebody my age. 

"Scott, you can take over from here." the man who had introduced himself as Vice Principle Adams announced, stepping aside with the cheesiest little flourish toward me. This boy, Scott, gave him an odd look before shaking his head. 

"This is Scott McCall, he's a junior like you." Adams explained. Soon, he seemed to notice everything was under control and sauntered off back to his office. 

I suppose being around the same age, this should be a lot more exciting than having the boring administrators laying down the guidelines for you.

"Hey, like Adams said, I'm Scott." he cleared up with a friendly smile. 

I nodded and returned the smile politely. "Ada." I responded getting to my feet while I swung my navy blue JanSport backpack over a single shoulder before shrugging it onto the other. 

Scott had light brown hair that was styled in a neat yet casual way out of his face. He was rather tall, a good six or seven inches taller than me. But that wasn't saying much as I stood at a whole whoppin' five feet and four inches. Contrasting against his tanned skin was a pair of dark bands encircling his bicep, clearly a tattoo. He was what? A junior like me? I guess I couldn't be one to judge though, I had one of my own wrapping my ankle in a thin design. It was a delicate little vine with roses dappling the stem. But, thorns studded the crawling vines, lots and lots of them. The symbolization was that life wasn't always easy, there were always bumps along the way and somebody was bound to get hurt.

Not the happiest but hey; A) it was true. And B) it was pretty.

Scott nodded when I introduced myself and began toward the hall, gesturing with his head for me to follow him. "Let's go."

I willingly complied, trotting along after him until I caught up, looking around at the different students. It ceased to amaze me how so many types of people could all coincide with eachother in a single place. Though, I would admit some people didn't like to cooperate. 

"Looks like you have... Harris first. Good luck with that." Scott chuckled, looking from my schedule up to me. I simply rolled my eyes.

"Yeah. Thanks." I responded, sarcasm clearly lacing my voice. Scott laughed softly and pointed his room out. 

"He's Chemistry." 

"Figured as much. I can read." I pointed out with a smirk in which he mirrored and rolled his eyes. 

We continued down the hallway and walked past a group of lacrosse players. Scott turned and gave a little flick of his head in greeting. "Hey." he said and the cluster of boys returned the greeting.

I nodded, arching a brow and crossing my arms. "Oh, so you're a lacrosse player, huh?" I asked, though it was more of a statement. Scott nodded with a shrug. 

"Yeah." he said.

I simply nodded again. He seemed nice enough, maybe their not all that bad? But as quickly as that thought came, it went. As we walked past a couple, none other than Mr. I'm-Too-Cool-For-You and Lydia, he shot Scott a deadly glare and I blinked. Lydia followed suit, straight at me. 

Scott ignored the boy's attitude, so I did the same to Lydia. "And that would be Jackson Whittmore and Lydia Martin in a nutshell." Scott chuckled, continuing down the hall.

"Oh, trust me, I know." I replied.

Scott seemed surprised and looked at me. "Met them already?" he questioned.

I laughed and sighed. "Unfortunately Strawberry Shortcake over there is in the bedroom next to mine." I explained, somewhat proud of my connection between the cartoon and Lydia's strawberry blonde hair... I know, I'm cheesy. 

Scott laughed but then pressed on, obviously surprised. "Lydia's never mentioned a sister." he said slowly, clearly confused. Poor kid. 

"Sister? No way in hell, I wouldn't be able to handle that. Cousin? Bearable. Until I had to move in at least." I clarified. It was true, being across the country we never spoke that much and I enjoyed my freedom from her. Now I was kind of... stuck. 

Realization hit the boy and he nodded with a prolonged 'oooooh'. I couldn't help but snicker. 

"So," I began after Scott showed me my next class, which I guess he had with me. "you know Lydia?" I questioned, looking up at him curiously. He seemed to have to think about it and I laughed. Seemed about right. 

You see, Lydia was a tricky one to get along with. As much as she was self absorbed, selfish, cocky, and stubborn, I will admit, she has her moments of kindness. Or, what Lydia thinks is kindness. Occassionally if you're on her good side, she could fish out a compliment or two somewhere from deep down. Or maybe she won't have that snide tone to her voice which I swear is natural. But hey, it was an accomplishment.

"Kind of... sorta... yeah. I have no clue honestly. I kno-" the corners of his lips seemed to twitch downward in the makings of a frown. Immediately, a flare of curiousity went off inside of me. 

"-knew, her best friend, so I was basically stuck. But, she's okay when you get to... know... who she is." 

Something sounded rather peculiar about the way he phrased that sentence. It was like he was trying to carefully piece things together. I slowly nodded though, mischievously thinking of some way to weasel out some information. I had a knack for that.

"It was.. Ally, right? Something along those lines?" I asked, looking down at my brown leather combat boots as we walked down the hall. Better test my theory out, hm?

"Allison. Her name's Allison." he quickly corrected me.

Suspicions confirmed. Scott has a thing for Allison. Definitely not had, that's for sure. Damn, I could be a freaking awesome CSI agent or something. 

I nodded and looked at my schedule. "Finstock." I read off, looking up. Scott immediately burst out in laughter. 

"Oh, have fun with him. Coach is a nutcase." he chuckled, running his fingers through his hair with another soft laugh. 

Great, I was just hitting the jackpot today, right? 

"Fantastic. You know what? I hope you have him too so you can suffer as well." I grumbled, glaring at him. Scott just laughed, flinging his hands up in a defensive way, clearly amused. 

"Whoa, that's harsh. But don't worry Little Miss Grouchy, I have him that period too. You have a suffer buddy now." He chuckled with a grin. I smiled in satisfaction toward that. 

"If you know Lydia, are you going to her party tonight?" I randomly asked, genuinely curious. 

"You sure ask a lot of questions." Scott teased and I shrugged with a grin.

"You're full of them yourself. But I'm new, I have an excuse." I fired back with a smirk and he arched a brow, opening his mouth for some snarky remark in return. But instead, he thought better of it and shook his head with a smirk. 


• • •

The day flew by. It ended up that I landed myself in 6th period, nearing the end of the day. I had gone through lunch in the library, catching up on work my teachers made me make up because I missed some of their classes this morning due to my fun little tour. 

Plus, I didn't want to deal with the whole awkward first lunch thing. Sure, I could probably scope out Scott, but I didn't want to intrude. Maybe when I meet some new people during my first full day tommorow. 

It turned out Scott would be coming to Lydia's birthday party along with a couple of his friends. That was good, so at least I'd have somebody to talk to while Lydia made sure I didn't socialize with anyone around her. And by the way Scott had talked about my cousin, he wasn't the biggest fan but was kind of stuck with her for no reason. Or, I probably just didn't know the reason. 

But fortunately day one was complete. Hallelujah. That explained why I now was kicked back in my room -which I had managed to set up yesterday though it took all day- reading The Perks of Being A Wallflower. I was one of those people who just liked to relax and read a book. I found it soothing, engrossing yourself in the ever so interesting plot of a story. It was like an instant escape from reality, a drug. Once you get sucked in, there's no turning back. That's the thing that intrigued me most. It's how sometimes you can find things in common with a character, and you just imagine every detail, every action, every word said as being your own. It's suddenly like, wow, I wish I could be like them, or, why didn't I ever think of that? But for me in particular, it's just realization. For me its, wow I totally screwed up. I tend to do that often. Page after page, word after word, I could find new things to do, different ways to act in certain situation. 

Books are basically my life lessons. I learn from even the stupidest, mind deadening piece of literature out there. There's just messages everywhere. But there's one place that people always miss. The little miniscule detail that people don't bother to pay attention to. Though it's not physically there, it's a mental task you should train yourself to perform like I have throughout the years.

Read between the lines.



So, next is Lydia's party, eeeep! I'm excited to write that (: Please ignore any errors, because I wrote all of this on my iPod and I do that for most stories xD And sorry for the shortness of this chapter :P i feel like its super short.

Please please please comment and like and fan! I really appreciate feedback. Here are some things to let me know about and leave in the comments c: 

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And thats all I could think of now xD

Anywho, yeah comment like and fan for more so I know if you like it! 


-Jess xx

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