Questo Amore


1. Vacation

Teresa is in Los Angeles and you're originally from Rome, but there's been a lot of problems recently with your boyfriend Gianluca, and you decided it was the right time for a vacation. You've been with Gianluca for about 4 months, and everything was going good. You share best friends, Ignazio and Piero, you both have a passion for soccer. All four of you have been friends since you were children. There's something that just isn't right. When you two kiss, there isn't a spark. Plus, you've noticed that Gianluca has flirted a little too much with his fans. You understand that he is famous, but it still bothers you.

"This is silly! I'm on vacation. I should be enjoying myself," you think to yourself. you decide to go to the beach, so you grab a seventeen magazine and your beach bag, and you're out the door. There's barely any people on the beach, which is a relief 'cause you don't really feel like talking to anyone. You pick a good spot near the water, and it's time to relax.

After about an hour of listening to One Direction and The Wanted, you start missing Italy. You wonder how Ignazio is going. " Waaaait. I'm suppose to be thinking about Gianluca, not Ignazio. Could it be possible that...?"  You shake off that idea and walk along the water. The water feels so nice on a hot day like this. The scenery is perfect and the slight breeze running through your hair is simply delightful. You suddenly feel a tap on your shoulder. You turn around to see it's Ignazio. "Nazio!" you yelp as you give him a big hug "Teresa!" he yelled. You loved Ignazio's hugs because you knew they were sincere. You take a deep breath, still hugging Ignazio, and you notice how delicious he smells.

"How did you know I was here? I didn't tell anyone that I was going to come," you ask him a bit confused. "I know you well, and I also found out that you've had some problems with Gianluca. What better place to go to get away from your problems, Right? I hope you are not bothered by me coming here. I was just of worried." He smiled that big luminous smile that could light up the whole world. You felt all warm inside and you forgot all your troubles.

"Don't worry, I don't mind at all. It's just things have been kind of rough lately, you know? I just need a couple of days to think.." Ignazio nods and says "I understand, and that's why I decided to come. I didn't want you to be here all alone. "You look at Ignazio, but his gaze is out towards the water. His face is amazing. His eyes, his lips, his dimples. "What am I thinking?! This is my best friend!" you think to yourself. These feelings for Ignazio have always been there. They were hidden deep down, but they were definitely there.

"Th-thank you," you stuttered. You were so lost in looking at his every detail that you almost forgot he had said something. "Are you up for some Starbucks? My treat." He smiled and takes some keys out of his pocket. "I'm down for some Starbucks, but I can pay for my own. Where did you get  car?" "Nonsense, I'm paying. Oh, Piero has an uncle nearby that keeps his cars that he has bought here in the States, and he allowed me to borrow one. It's a beauty of a car. You walk next to Ignazio until you see an elegant black convertible. Piero sure knows how to choose his cars. You get into the passenger seat of the car and Ignazio takes the wheel.

You arrive at the nearest Starbucks. Ignazio tells you to order first, so you go for a Java Chip  frappuccino. Ignazio orders a Mocha cookie Crumble frappuccino. You both decide to sit at a little table. After a few minutes of silence, Ignazio asks you, "May I ask you what kind of problems you and Gianluca are going through?  He didn't want to talk about it with me too much." He avoids your gaze by looking down at his frappuccino. "Well, lately he's been kind of different. He's need flirting with fans, and I just don't like that.." "Well, have you tried talking to him about it?" "Yes, but we always end up fighting. He says I'm just "ridiculously jealous,"  but if he truly loved me, he wouldn't get so upset." Ignazio's face suddenly turns serious. "Do.. do you love him?" You were surprised by this question. You hesitate before answering, "I-" Ignazio cuts you off, noticing your hesitation. "I'm sorry, that wasn't something I should have asked." He lifts his gaze to meet yours and you just feel your heart melting. "I should get back to my hotel.." Ignazio stands up and says, "I'll drive you." You nod and you two walk out the door.

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