Questo Amore



11. Uncertainty

RECAP- "Well, I better get going." "See you later, Gian!" Instead of walking towards the door he takes a step towards you and puts his arms out for a hug. You don't want to hug him, but you don't want to be rude either. After all, he's been your friend since you were kids. You hug him, but when you try to pull away, he holds you tighter and whispers in your ear, "Tu sei bellissima"




You try pulling away even more, but that just makes him hold on tighter, trying to bring you close to him. "Gianluca, if you on't let go of me right now, I'm going to scream as loud as I can, and Ignazio will come in here and kick your ass," you say ominously. He releases his hold on you instantly, and before you can say anything else , he's already out the door. You stand there shocked, unable to move. You can't believe Gianluca would treat you with such force. You begin to feel nauseated and just gross. How could Gianluca think it's okay to do that knowing that you're engaged to Ignazio? Should you tell Ignazio? How would he react? So many thoughts run through your mind.

You grab your kay keys without thinking much about it and drive off with no specific destination. The memory of Gianluca hugging you like that is still fresh in your mind, and it makes you feel disgusting. You need to tell someone what happened, so you call Antonella immediately. "Ciao!" "Antonella, I really need to talk to someone right now. I can't even-"  Your voice cracks. "What happened?" "It's Gianluca.. ugh I need to tell you in person." "Come over to my house, or do you want me to pick you up?" There's obvious concern in Antonella's voice. "I'll drive to your house. I'm on my way." "Alright, but be careful!" "Don't worry, I will. Ciao" "Ciao"

About ten minutes later, you arrive at Antonella's house. You see her peek through the window and seconds later she's waiting for you at the front door. Antonella's wearing yoga pants and a pink athletic sweatshirt. Her hair is pulled back in to a high ponytail. She doesn't even have to try hard to look gorgeous. Her brows furrow when she sees you. "What happened?" You hesitate, not wanting your voice to crack again. Antonella hugs you tightly. "C'mon, I made some popcorn and I have chocolate ice cream in the freezer. We can pig out like we used to." She smiles warmly at you. Antonella and you would eat a bunch of junk food when you two were in high school when one of you had a bad day. You smile slightly as you follow Antonella into her house. You sit down on a couch shaped like a crescent moon, Antonella's house was so well adorned and fancy. It's not your average house, especially since Antonella's only 20.

Antonella comes out of the kitchen carrying a bowl of popcorn and sets it on the coffee table. She goes back to the kitchen and then once more comes back with more food. She has two personal sized buckets of ice cream. She hands one to you and plops on the other side off the couch. She looks at you and asks, "So.. ready to tell me what happened?" Your stomach churns. You take a deep breath then say, "You're not going to believe this. Gianluca hugged me, and he wouldn't let go. He used force to pull me closer to him. I tried pulling away but he was too strong. I had to threaten him by saying I would scream for Ignazio.." Her jaw drops. "How did that even happen?" "Well, Ignazio and I were at my place , and when Ignazio was about to leave, Gianluca knocked on my door. I don't think he knew Ignazio was there though because he seemed surprised and acted a bit nervous at first. Ignazio was totally oblivious to it though. Ignazio went to turn on Gianluca's car, and Gianluca asked to use my bathroom. I said yes, I mean, why not? Then he asked for a hug when he was about to leave, and I hugged him because we've been friends forever and I didn't want to be rude. When I tried pulling away from the hug, that's when he puled me tight and said "Tu sei bellissima."  "I can't even begin to understand what would make him think that's okay! Why didn't he have the balls to do that in front of Ignazio? Oh my gosh, are you going to tell him what happened?" You bite your lip before answering, "I'm not sure. I know I should tell him, but I'm scared of the way he'll react. Something like that will ruin their friendship, if Ignazio finds out that Gianluca used force with me.. I don't know want to think about what he'll do! I know he doesn't have a temper like Piero, but the few times he gets mad, it's not pretty." Antonella nods and says, "Just remember communication if key in a relationship. Always keep that in mind."

You and Antonella fall asleep after watching movies and talking all night. When you wake up, you realize it's almost noon. You also notice that you're in Antonella's guest room. You jump off the bed and catch a glimpse of a note on top of perfectly folded clothing on the nightstand. "Hey, I had to go to work. I left you an outfit to wear just incase you wanted to shower. There's a brand new toothbrush in the guest bathroom, too. Stay as long as you'd like. Good luck with Ignazio tonight!   - Antonella Romano xoxo"

Your heart sinks. You have to tell Ignazio tonight. You sit on the bed and just think about what you're going to say. After a few minutes of pondering, you search for your phone and dial Ignazio's number. "Hello?" His voice is smooth and relaxed, yet happiness is also noticeable. "Amore, Come stai?" You try to keep your voice as calm as possible, but you have a feeling that you're failing at it. "Bella! It seems like an eternity since i've spoken to you! I'm good, but it seems like I can't say the same about you." His tone fills with worry. You ignore what he says and you say, " I love you, Ignazio." "What's wrong" "Uh, nothing's wrong I just need to talk to you about something." "What time do you want me to go to your place?" "How about meet me at the Starbucks a block away from Antonella's house in half an hour?" " I'll be there. Hey, I love you, bella." "I love you too, Ignazio." 

You grab the outfit that Antonella left for you and get in the shower real quick. After about twenty minutes, you're ready to go, so you go to Starbucks. Ignazio is already sitting down at a table waiting for you. He looks flawless, but he isn't smiles. The moment he sees you, his eyes light up. He gets up instantly and walks towards you. "Ignazio.. " He wraps his arms around you, and your eyed get a bit watery. "Can you tell me what's wrong, Teresa?" "I don't know how to say this, but.. yesterday, when you went to turn Gianluca's car.. I gave him a goodbye hug the same way I give Piero one..  except he wouldn't let go. He pulled me close to him, but I kept trying to pull away. I swear to you that I tried pulling away, but he was too strong. I had to threaten him to make him let go." Ignazio's expression goes form serious to enraged. "He.. did.. what?!"

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