Questo Amore



8. The Verification

RECAP- "Well, I-I would like to ask for your daughter's hand in marriage." Your dad's eyes widen then a few seconds later he starts getting teary-eyes. "Are you sure you're ready to take this step?" Ignazio's face is solemn. " I've never been more ready for anything. I love your daughter, and I want to make her happy everyday." Your dad hesitates before responding, "Ignazio, you are a responsible, educated, and well-mannered young man. My daughter deserves the best, and I'm sure she'll find true happiness with you. You have my consent to marry my daughter. Welcome to the family!" You and Ignazio hug, and Ignazio says, "Thank you, sir. Thank you so much!"



Everyone gets up to hug each other, and when your dad hugs you, he says, "My little girl is growing up. You've become such a wonderful woman, and I'm so proud of you." You can tell he's holding back tears. "Aw, dad, I love you so much. Thank you for everything. I couldn't have asked for better parents." Your mom is hugging Ignazio tightly. "You've made my baby so happy and now you two are getting married! I still remember when you two were little! You'd always be running around playing tag and playing video games!" Ignazio starts laughing, still being squeezed by your mom, " Mamma! Stop crushing Ignazio. I want a hug!" She laughs and hugs you. "You're such a beautiful young lady, and you've chosen your future husband very well." Your eyes get watery, and you smile at your mom. She's your role model, your friend, and the most important woman in your life. 

After things get settled down and everyone is done congratulating you, you and Ignazio decide it's time to leave. You say goodbye to your family and so does Ignazio. "Again, thank you so much for everything, and thank you for raising such an amazing woman." You hug him tightly and he hugs you back. You wave back at your parents as you and Ignazio get in the car, on the way to your pace, Ignazio says, "Well, that went really well." I know! My parents adore you, so it wasn't surprising." He chuckles."This is it then. We're going to get married. What day do you think is best?" "Uh, in October for sure! How about October 5th?" "A day after my birthday? It's perfect!" "Ahhhh! I can't wait until that day!" Ignazio takes one hand off the wheel to hold your hand. There's not a single person that could make you happier. You arrive at your house, and before getting out of the car, you and Ignazio kiss for a good fifteen seconds. "I love you more than you know." "You can't even begin to imagine how much I love you. "You kiss him once more and say, "I'll call you tomorrow. Take care, amore! Drive safe, ti amo!" "I love you too, sleep well." He drives off and you stand in front of your door for a couple of second before finally going inside. You can't stop thinking about the fact that you two will be getting married in four months! Four months to plan a wedding may seem a little bit too soon, but you don't want something huge. Although, you have what seems like a million family members, and adding all of Ignazio's family member to the guest list is going to make the wedding bigger than you'd like. You change into some sweats and a baggy shirt and go to bed.

The next morning, you decide to get fancied up because you feel like it. After showering, you put on a pair of white skinny jeans, a sheer black blouse, and a pair of black pumps. You do a cat-eyed liner, you apply a deep red lip stain, and straighten your hair. After you're all dolled up, you call your best friend Antonella. "Hello?" "Antonella!" "Girl! You haven't called me in foreveeerr! What's up with that!?" "Somethings have come up, but I want to tell you all about it. Are you busy right now?" "Nope! Not busy at all, How about we go out for some brunch?" "Sounds great! Where at?" "How about Arciliuto in 10?" "Yes! I'll be there! See you in a few!" "Ciao!" You grab your car keys and your black and gold clutch, and you're out for the day.

When you arrive, Antonella isn't there yet, Which isn't surprising since she's always "fashionably late." You're seated at a booth and you order lemonade and a chicken sandwich. While you wait for Antonella to arrive, you decide to send Ignazio a text. "I hope you're having an amazing day, amore. You're always in my thoughts. Ti amo! xox" You get an instant reply. "I love you too, bella. My day could only become perfect with you by my side. I'll call you in a bit, I'm at the studio right now." Antonella arrives five minutes later. You get up to greet her. She squeals and says. "Oh my gosh, look at you! You get more beautiful everyday!? Antonella is probably one of the prettiest girl you've seen in your life, not to mention she's super sweet. She's about 5'5, she has long curly black hair, light skin, long curled lashes, full plump lips, and light brown eyes. She's a feminist, she had great style, and she's very liberal. "Thank you! I could say the same thing about you! How've you been?" "I've been great! Really busy though. I had to go to Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York in the past three weeks for a knew project on Italian heritage in the U.S." "Such a business woman! Hard work is always compensated with good things." "You better be right! What about you? What have you been up to?" "Well, school is out for the summer, so I won't be teaching until November I think." November? I thought school starts in August?" "Yeah, but I got permission to get a month off because.." "Because what? Tell me!" "Ignazio and I are getting married!" "OH MY GOSH!!! TERESA, I'M SOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!"

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