Questo Amore



4. The Proposal

RECAP-  You’re falling asleep half way through the movie, so Ignazio starts singing to you softly. You fall asleep in his arms, and eventually he falls asleep too. Today was like no other. Today was the day you tasted true love, and you can’t wait to share another day with Ignazio.



It’s been over a year since you and Ignazio have been a couple. You’ve never been happier with anyone. Ignazio completes your life, and you feel so fortunate to be able to share so many moments with him. 

You are an English teacher at a local school, and you’ve just arrived from work. You decide to call Ignazio because you want to go out to eat. "Hello?" "Ciao, Nazio. Are you in the mood to go out to eat?" "I’m in the mood to go to eat with a beautiful girl. I’m not sure if I know any though!" "Ha-ha! Very funny." "Hahaha, yes, amore mio, I would love to go out to eat. What do you have in mind?" "Yay! Mmm, I don’t know. Some fettuccine Alfredo? Or maybe spaghetti carbonara? Anything is fine really, I’m just super hungry." "I think I know the perfect place, but I want it to be a surprise. When do you want me to pick you?" "In about an hour. I need some time to get ready." "I hope you know that you’re perfect without getting dressed up. I’ll be there in a bit. See you then, bella. Ti amo." "You’re too sweet. Okay, I love you too!" You hang up the phone and get in the shower quickly. Ten minutes later you get out of the shower, put on a bathrobe, and curl your hair. You do a simple eye shadow, wing-out your eyeliner and put mascara on. You decide on a pink lip stain, and finally, you go pick out your outfit. You choose to wear a sheer pink blouse with a black pencil skirt and matching pink heels. After you finish changing, you realize you have a text from Ignazio. "I’m on my way. Can’t wait to see your lovely face. xoxo"  He is such a sweetheart. You hear a knock at the door, and when you open it, you can’t help but gush at how handsome he looks. He’s wearing a blue dress shirt with black dress pants/skinny jeans, and dress shoes. “You look amazing,” you say to him. Ignazio smiles, his dimples showing, and says,”I have to look decent to be able to dine with such a lovely lady.” You blush and kiss on the lips for about ten seconds. He takes your hand and says,”I love you so much.” “I love you too, Ignazio.” He kisses you as you two start walking towards his car. He opens the door for you then gets into the driver’s seat.

"Where are we going to eat?" "Like I said before, it’s a surprise. You’ll find out soon enough." After about ten minutes, you arrive at a restaurant that you’ve never seen before. You and Ignazio get out of the car and stand in front of the restaurant. "Il Cuore di Roma? I’ve never been here before." "It just opened a few days ago. I hear the food is really good here." You walk into the most elegant restaurant you’ve ever seen. You are greeted by a waiter and seated. "What are you going to order?" You ask Ignazio. "Um, I’m going to order some penne all’arrabbiata. And you?" "I’m going to order some spaghetti carbonara. I’ve been dying to eat it all week." The waiter takes your orders, and while you wait for the food to be ready, you notice nervousness in Ignazio eyes. "Is something wrong?" "No, dear, everything is perfect." "Are you sure?" He smiles at you and says, "Yes, I am positive." The food is ready thirteen minutes later, and when you look up at waiter, he is holding a bouquet of roses, and then you notice it’s Piero. "Piero?" "Pardon, Signora?" It’s definitely Piero, you can tell by his voice. Another waiter comes up to your table, and it’s Gianluca holding a small box in his hand. "Gianluca? What’s going on here?" Ignazio's smiling and nods at them both. They begin singing "Un amoooooreee cossssiii graaaaandeeee! Un amoreee cosssiii!" You have no idea what’s happening. Gianluca gives the box to Ignazio, Piero gives Ignazio the bouquet, and Ignazio stands up and goes over to you. He smiles to you and offers you the roses, and you accept them.  Piero and Gianluca stop singing, and Ignazio gets on one knee and opens the box. “Teresa, will you marry me?” It’s a diamond ring. Nothing extravagant, it’s a simple ring. Ignazio knows you so well. You can’t believe what just happened. The man you love more than anything is asking you to marry him. You get teary-eyed and say, “Yes! Nothing would make me happier!” Ignazio slides the ring on your left ring finger and kisses you. Everybody in the room begins clapping and Piero and Gianluca high-five each other. Ignazio stops kissing you to say, “Ti amo con tutto cuore."

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