Questo Amore



15. The Perfect Dress

RECAP- Although you two occasionally burst out laughing, you didn't say anything, and that was perfectly okay. 

After watching the first two seasons of Glee, your eyelids get heavy. As you drift into sleep, you feel Ignazio caress your cheek while singing softly, and the last thing you hear is, "We are love.."


Months later..

With two weeks to go until the wedding, you can feel your excitement radiating off of you every place you go. Your entire family is ecstatic and anxious for the wedding day. The wedding planning has been stressful, but things are finally falling into place. The most stressful part of the wedding planning has been choosing a dress, which you actually picked out only a month ago. It's defiantly an event that will forever be engraved in your memory.

[It was a rainy, gloomy day. Nothing had been going right that day, you were just ready to go home and sleep. While driving slowly, you noticed a brand new shop opening up. "Maybe I'll come back some other time," You thought, but your curiosity got the best of you. A sign with cursive letters read, "Dolcissimo Amore." You walked into the shop and your jaw dropped. Every single detail of the store was detailed with elegance. The chandeliers hanging from the ceilings sparkled, the walls were painted a feminine ivory color, and the best part of the was was the wedding dresses. The dressed were all perfectly aligned on gold mannequins. All of the moodiness from your day vanished within seconds.

You stood there gawking at the beauty of the store when a gorgeous girl asked you, "Can I help you with anything, ma'am?" Her question interrupted your thoughts, but you replied, "Uh, yeah, I'm actually getting married in about a month, and I don't have a wedding dress." The young lady gasped and said, "Oh mu gosh! Brides-to-be never wait so long to buy their dress! My name is Valentina, by the way. Do you have anything in mind?" "My name is Teresa, nice to meet you. I actually wanted something very Italian, but not too old-fashioned. I really haven't found any dresses that i've loved." Valentina nodded and motioned you to follow her, "Come with me, I think I have the perfect dress for you" She lead you to a dress that left you mesmerized. The dress was long-sleeved with mantilla-like lace on the sleeves and around the neck. You instantly asked, "May I try it on?" Valentina flashed you a smile and said, "Of course! Would you like help tying it on?" "Please!" You and Valentina walked into a dressing room, whish was just as elegant as the rest of the store. The moment you put that dress on, you knew it was the right now, and didn't have to look in the mirror to know it. Valentina showed you a few veils before you looked in the mirror, You chose the lace very similar to the one on the dress, and she helped you put it on. When you faced the mirror and opened your eyes, you heart skipped a beat. The dress showed off your curved without exaggerating too much, and the long lace tail make it even more beautiful. You could describe the dress in one word: Perfect. You even got a bit teary-eyed. The fact that Ignazio would get to see you in that dress the day of the wedding filed you with tears of joy. Valentina said, "You look beautiful!" You thanked her and said, "This is it, I'll take it. What's the price?" "The original price in three thousand euros, but just because you look so beautiful in it, I'll charge you only one thousand."]

And that's how your excitement for the wedding climaxed and how a new friendship started. Now that your wedding is so close, you just want to make sure everything is perfect.

You're at home reading a book while drinking coffee when you get a call. When you look at the caller ID, you smile because it's Ignazio. "Hello?" "Amoooore! Come Stai? I miss you so much!" Ignazio has been away because Il Volo has to perform in several cities in Spain, the last performances before your wedding. Ignazio and Gianluca had reconciled a few months ago after their fight, and they were getting along pretty well, but Ignazio wouldn't let Gianluca get near you. "I miss you too! What are you doing right now?"  "We just got done rehearing before tonights show. We're about to go out to eat actually." "I wish I could be there to see you guys! And be sure to eat something yummy for me!" "I wish you were here too! I'd love to see your beautiful face right now. What are you doing, bella?" "I'm just reading a book and drinking some coffee. Hey, only two more weeks until.." Ignazio interrupts you excitedly," Until I'm married to the loveliest woman on this earth. I've been counting down he days." A smile spreads across your face. It makes you so happy to know that he's just as excited about the wedding as you are.

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