Questo Amore



3. The "betrayal" pt.2

RECAP- "Teresa! Wait!" You turn around and see Ignazio. "You're crying. Did you hear everything?" "Most of it.." "I'm sorry. Please, don't cry." "Ignazio.. I love you." His eyes sparkle and he says, " I've always loved you." Ignazio pulls you into a passionate kiss. his lips on yours tastes sweet, and you realize what true love actually feels like. All of a sudden you hear, "I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU TWO!" In Gianluca's enraged voice.



Ignazio turns to face him with a solemn expression. The smile he had a couple seconds ago vanished. "Gianluca, please don't-" "Don't what? Don't get mad? Should I be congratulating you?" Gianluca spits out the word "congratulating," Ignazio turns to you and say, "Teresa, go home, I'll calm him down. You really shouldn't be seeing this." "No, let her stay if anyone should be leaving it's me, don't you think?" You have to do something to make Gianluca feel better. It might have been too soon to kiss Ignazio, but knowing that Ignazio chased you when you tried walking away made you realize that some feelings you just can't hide anymore.

You walk to Gianluca and look him straight in he eyes, "Gian, you're going to listen to me. I won't let you walk away like you did earlier." He looked at you for a few seconds and the he looks down at his shoes. " I'm listening.." "Gianluca, I care about you, I really do, and you should know that by now. Don't you understand that? Ever since we started dating everything just went completely wrong between us. You've always been a flirt, and you can't deny that. We're not right for each other." Gianluca hesitated before responding. "You're right, I shouldn't have doubted you. I'm sorry for flirting with other girls, Teresa. I apologize for that. I must tell you that when Ignazio said he was going to look for you, I wanted it to be me, you know? I wanted to be your hero, but I didn't have the guts to go look for you. I was jealous of Ignazio.. I also have to admit that I knew how Ignazio felt about you, yet I still decided to date you. It's not something I should have done to a friend, a brother. Forgive me, Ignazio." He stops for a moment then says, "You'll be happy with him. You deserve to be with someone like him.. not someone like me." Gian, I'm glad you understand. Do you think we can still be friend?" "Of course!" Gianluca smiles and gives you a hug. It feels good to receive this type of hug from him, a friendly hug. Gianluca pulls away and looks at Ignazio. Ignazio has a playful smile on his face. "No hard feelings?" Gianluca smiles back at him "No hard feelings. I should probably get back home. I promised Ernesto to a soccer challenge. I'll leave you two to talk." Gianluca gives you another friendly hug and gives Ignazio a brotherly hug. As he's about to get in his car, he winks at the both of you, then he starts the engine and drives off.

Ignazio turns to you and smiles. His dimples make him so adorable. You kiss him and he kisses you back gently but firmly. Being in his arms and kissing his lips makes you feel like you're on a cloud. Being with Ignazio is magical. You two kiss until Ignazio asks you, "You want to go to the cinema to watch a movie or do you want to watch a movie on Netflix instead?" You smile at him. Ignazio chuckles and says, "Okay, but only if you agree to be my girlfriend first." "Of course I agree, silly. "He kisses you again, and you two walk into his house. You sit on his couch, turn on the TV, and start browsing for a movie. Ignazio comes out of the kitchen and askes, "Popcorn, bella?" "If it's not too much of a burden, yes." "oh, it is too much of a burden. You get no popcorn. "You stick your tongue out at him then Ignazio laughs ans says, "The popcorn will be ready in a few minutes" He disappears into the kitchen and you sit there waiting.

He comes out with a gigantic bowl filled with popcorn. "If you want more just ask." Oh, yes,  I will defiantly want more since you brought such a little bowl, huh?" "I can bring you a bigger one if you'd like." Ignazio was being his usual silly self. You love how easy going he is and how you can be yourself around him without worrying about embarrassing yourself. You start the movie and realize how cold it is in Ignazio's house. Ignazio notices you shivering, so he grabs a blanket that was on the other couch and covers you with it. You smile at him and give him a peck on the lips. He smiles at you and kisses your forehead. You move closer to him and he wraps his arms around you.

You're falling asleep halfway through the movie, so Ignazio starts singing to you softly. You fall asleep in his arms, and eventually he falls asleep too. Today was like no other, Today was the day you tasted true love, and you can't wait to share another day with Ignazio.

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