Questo Amore



18. Painfully Beautiful

RECAP- A nurse finally come. "Only one person can visit the patient at a time." Piero and Gianluca not at you, so you follow the nurse to the room Ignazio's in. The moment you see him on the hospital bed, your heart sinks a little. NOthing like this has ever happened to him, so it's a bit heartbreaking to see him like that. The nurse leaves as you walk towards the bed. His face seems so peaceful, like nothing ever happened. You kiss his cheek lightly, and his eyes flutter open. Ignazio sets his gaze on you before painfully saying, "Ti amo."



A tear streams down your cheek as he says that. You're relieved that Ignazio's fine, but even thinking about what could have happened makes you want to crumble. You look deep in Ignazio's eyes and say, " I love you too, you can't even begin to imagine how much you mean to me." Ignazio tries to say something but you cut him off. "Shh, don't say anything, just rest amore."  But Ignazio still whispers, "Stai con me.." You smile at him, wiping another tear away and say, "Per sempre. But you need to rest, okay? Ignazio nods slightly, and moments later he drifts to sleep. You sit down in the chair next to him and study his face for a long time. You wish it would have been you instead of him on that bed. Ignazio doesn't deserve to get hurt like that, which makes your enraged, Whoever did this to him must pay! You pull out your phone and text Piero, "Did you file a report to the police?" A few seconds later you get a response. "You bet I did! The police are trying to find the bastard who did it, and I think they'll catch him soon since there were security cameras outside the buildings." It brings some peace to know whoever did this is going to be paying for his actions. After a couple hours of simply sitting on the recliner next to Ignazio, you slip out of the room to tell Piero and Gianluca to watch Ignazio so you can go get a coffee and a book. You go to the coffee shop in the hospital and order a black coffee. After that, you run to the gift shop that's right next to the coffee shop to see if they have any good books. The first book you see as you walk in is your favorite, Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. You quickly grab one off the self and pay for it, and then you sprint to Ignazio's room.

When you enter the room you notice how tired Piero and Gianluca look. You tell then, "If you guys want to rest, it's totally fine. I'll be here until Ignazio is aloud to leave." They start to argue, but you don't let them finish. "No, really guys, I insist. Go get some sleep, you two look like you haven't slept in days." Piero and Gianluca finally agree, "Okay okay, but we're coming back first thing in the morning." That's when you realize it's already one o'clock in the morning. Time went by faster than you thought. You hug Gianluca and then Piero and wave at them at as they leave. You sit back down on the recliner and start reading the book. After a few minutes into the book Ignazio wakes up. You get up and grab his hand lightly. "Hey, sleepy head." "Hey, future wife," he says less pained than before . "Do you feel any better?" He nods his head. "I feel much better actually. I felt like I was dying earlier." You glare at him for making that joke, and he looks at you apologetically before saying. "What? Too soon to start cracking jokes?" You let out a laugh at the face Ignazio made. "Am I allowed to give you a kiss on the cheek?" A smile spreads across his face and he replies, "Well, if you're going to kiss me, do it the right way." He puckers his lips and you bend out slightly to meet your lips to his. You can feel Ignazio smile as you kiss him. He pulls away for a moment and says, "Lay down with me for a while." Your brow furrows. "Are you crazy? I don't want to hurt you." "C'mon, at least on my good side. I'm fine, I promise." A nurse comes just as he says that. She smiles and nods at you. "Go ahead, he needs to take his pain pills anyway, just be careful. I won't tell anyone," She winks at you. Ignazio scoots over to make room for you but you notice his wince. I don't think it's a good-" "Please?" "Okay, but if I hurt you, just let me know. " Ignazio pats the space he made for you and smiles. You carefully get on the bed and lay next to the right side on his body. Ignazio puts his arm around you and manages to pull you closer to him. He then whispers, "Thank you for being here, amore." "I'll always be with you, always." "You're the best thing that ever happened to me, you know that right?"  You start tearing up because once again,  you thought about the moments of not knowing what was going to happen to him. Ignazio realizes you're crying and he says, "Hey, don't cry. I'm right here with you, I'm fine. Don't cry, amore mio." I don't know what I would have done if you didn't-- I just.. I love you more than anything. " Ignazio pulls you even closer to his side, but you're cautious to not hurt him. "I'll never leave your side." Then it was pure, comfortable silence.

You two eventually fall asleep, and Pier and Gianluca woke you two up around 8:30 in the morning. You let them hang out with Ignazio for a while so you can go buy some clothes and shower. There just happens to be a Forever21 at a nearby plaza, so you quickly pay for a blouse and a pair of jeans then get a taxi to Piero's hotel room to shower. After you're all cleaned up, you get another text back to the hospital, and Ignazio is already out of bed. You scold him instantly, "Ignazio, are you even allowed to be out of bed?!" He sticks his tongue out at you and resorts, "The doctor came and told me that I could walk around for a bit, he'd let me go early, which is in about an hour. You look gorgeous, by the way." You blush a little and say, " Oh, well, be careful though!" " I know, I know,' He reassures.

Ignazio got released about an hour and a half later, and all four of you take a plane back to Italy shortly after. You drive Ignazio to his parents house and stay the night. About thirteen days pass, and it's finally the day of your wedding...

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