Questo Amore



21. Mr & Mrs

RECAP- The priest finally give his blessing, " May the lord in His goodness strengthen your consent and fill you both with His blessings. What God as joined together, let no man put asunder. Ignazio, you may now kiss your bride." Ignazio wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you into a sweet and romantic kiss. All of the guests stand up and applaud. You are finally Mrs. Boschetto!



You feel a wave of emotions all at once: happiness, satisfaction, and most importantly love, so much love. Your best friend is now your husband, and it causes such an amazing feeling deep inside your soul. There's not a person who could mean more to you than Ignazio.

After greeting acouple family members and close friends and saying "thank you" to so many "congratulations," Ignazio takes your hand and walks with you. You really don't even notice where you're going because you feel like you're flying on a cloud.. You hold his hand tightly, wanting to hold onto the moment for as long as you could, but you eventually get to the reception. White roses are everywhere, and champagne colored decorations fill the entire venue with elegance. The smell of fresh roses linger pleasantly in the air. It seems like a fairy-tale, exactly how you imagined your wedding would be when you were little. You look up at Ignazio and smile. He smiles back and says, "So, Mrs. Boschetto, how do you feel?" You don't say anything, you simply kiss him. Ignazio parts his lips to say, "I feel the same way." You get so into the kiss that for forget that you have to make your entrance with Ignazio. You hear a smooth, matter-of-fact type of voice, and you know it's Antonella. "Congrats! I'm so happy for you two, really, but right now, you two need to get your asses moving and go make that entrance. Again, congratulations." You let out a laugh and tug Ignazio along to where you're going to make the entrance. Two massive, doors with golden details stand before you. Two men in black suits open the doors, and you and Ignazio walk in. Your guests stand up and greet you with applauses, and that's how the most amazing night of your life started.

You and Ignazio danced for the first time in front of people. You hear the voiced of Piero and Gianluca start singing "Hasta El Final." Ignazio pulls you closer and you two begin gently swaying along to the song. A lovely silence sets in for about thirty seconds, but you break the silence to say, "I'll aways remember this day.." Ignazio whispers in your ear, "As will I. Thank you so much, amore mio." "For what?" "For allowing me to share this immense love with you." Just as Gianluca and Piero sing the lyrics, "Siempre contigo.. hasta el final," you kiss him on the cheek and reply with, "I love you."

after dancing with what seems like ever single guest, you take a moment to say to Ignazio, "Can we leave?" He gives you a bewildered look and asks, "Leave? Right now" "Yes, please, let's leave right now. Let's not tell anyone, let's just go." A smirk spreads across his face. "Sure, why not." You and Ignazio carefully sneak out through the back entrance. You see Gianluca and Piero talking to Antonella and Valentina, more like flirting actually. You follow Ignazio around all of the parked cars until you finally reach his. He opens the door for you and quickly gets in to start the car. "So, where's the honeymoon?" "We're going to Rio de Janeiro." You squeal of excitement. You've always wanted to visit Brazil because of it's beautiful culture and scenery. 

You and Ignazio arrive at the airport about half an hour later. Both of you turned off your phones so no one would bother you. You two board the plane and sleep for most of the flight. You wake up right when it's time to start getting off the plane.

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