Questo Amore



7. Mamma's House

RECAP- Could he get anymore perfect? His desire to make you happy is so strong, it radiates off of him. You give him a smile before saying, "I know, You're just trying to protect me. Grazie, amore." He hugs you tightly, and you pull him as close as possible to you. "It's like a dream, knowing you're going to be the future Signora Boschetto. I'll never leave your side, Teresa." You feel your heart melting into a puddle before replying, "I'll never leave yours, I love you."




After hugging for about a minute, Ignazio's phone starts ringing. He look at his phone and says, 'It's my mamma." He answers it. You can hear Catarina say, "Ignazio! It's late! Where are you?" "Calm down I'm at Teresa's house." "Aw, really? Have you asked her yet?" "Yes!" "Please tell me she's going to be my daughter-in-law!" "Hahahaha, Yes, she accepted!" "Congratulations! Sono felice! Put her on the phone, I want to congratulate her too!" Ignazio looks at you and smiles then passes the phone to you. "Hello?" "Ciao,Teresa! Congratulation, sweetie! You make my son so happy! Grazie mellie!" " Ignazio makes my happy as well! I appreciate your words so much, Signora, Nina and Sr. Boschetto are also happy?" "Oh, absolutely! They're beyond excited." "I'm glad to hear that!" Ignazio motions you to give him the phone, so you say, "Signora, Ignazio wants the phone. It was nice talking to you! Hope to see you soon. Take care, arrivederci!" "Ciao, take care!" Ignazio takes the phone and says,"Mamma, I'm about to go home. I'll see you in a bit, Ciao!"

Ignazio hangs up the phone and looks you straight in the eyes for a couple seconds and says, " I'll never get tired of looking at you." "Prove it." He kisses you passionately but gently, you can feel him smiling while he's kissing you. "I better get going. I'll let you rest. Sleep well, bella. Ti amo." He hugs you and you say, "I love you too. Drive safe, amore." He winks and waves as he walks out the door and into his car. You lock the door and go to sleep. 

When you wake up, you shower and get dressed. What happened yesterday is still fresh in your mind, and it almost feels unreal. It's like you're floating on a cloud. The good thing is that school is out for the summer, and there are no papers to grade or anything, but you already miss your students quite a bit.

You turn on your computer and check your twitter. Nina had sent you a tweet! " Hey, future-sister-in-law! Welcome to the famiglia!" You start smiling like a moron. Nina has always been such a sweetheart. You never really hung out as teenagers, but you would see her often because you, Piero and Gianluca would always be at Ignazio's house. The entire Boschetto family is really nice. Plus, Mr.Boschetto makes some of the best food.

Your phone beeps, and when you check it, you see a text from Gianluca. "Buongiorno! Once again, congratulations." You get this uneasy feeling. Things were good with Gianluca, but you noticed him a bit off yesterday. Something was obviously wrong, but you seemed to be the only one who noticed it. Could it be possible that Gianluca still has feelings for you? You decide not to reply to the text.

After watching a bit of TV, you decide to go for a walk. The streets of rome are beautiful. There's a elegance at every corner, even the poorer area. You stop at a bakery and but a cup of coffee and a cannoli. You sit on a bench, pull out your iPhone, and just hang there for while. When you finally look at the time, it's already 4:30! You walk back to  your place and start getting ready for dinner at your mom's house. When you arrive to your house, you put on a casual blue maxi dress and do a messy braid. You're too lazy to do your makeup or wear heels, so you just curl your lashes, put on gladiator sandals, and grab your favourite cross body bag. You hear your phone ringing and it's Ignazio, "Hello?" "Ciao, bella, come stai? "Abbastanza bene!" Are you picking me up?" "I'm actually outside of your house right now." "I'll be right there!" You grab your house keys and stride towards Ignazio's car. When you get in, he gives you a quick kiss.

The moment your mom sees you, she yells, "MY BABY! I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU IN SO LONG! COME, GIVE ME A KISS. OH, IGNAZIO! WHAT A NICE SURPRISE! I'VE MISSED YOU AS WELL!" "Mom, you saw me two days ago." She frowns and says, " To a mother, it's an eternity. You'll understand when you have children of your own. "Ignazio looks at you and starts blushing like crazy. Your mom doesn't notice you blushing, instead, she says, "Ignazio, give me a hug too!" She hugs Ignazio. "The food is ready! Go ahead and sit down." You sit down at your usual spot and Ignazio takes the seat next to yours. Your mom, Maria, serves dinner and wine.

After everyone is done eating, your dad, Francesco, asks Ignazio. "You haven't made your presence in this house in quite a while. You need to visit us more often!" "I know, I know, I promise I'll come over more often. Sir, I must speak to you about something very important. "Really? Well, go ahead." "Well, I-I would like to ask for your daughter's hand in marriage. "Your dad's eyes widen and then a few seconds later he starts getting teary-eyed. "Are you sure you're ready to take this step?" Ignazio's face is solemn. "I've never been more ready for anything, I love your daughter, and I want to make her happy every day." Your dad hesitates before responding, " Ignazio, you are a responsible, educated, and well-manered young man, My daughter deserves the best, and I'm sure she'll find true happiness with you. You have my consent to marry my daughter. Welcome to the family!" You and Ignazio hug, and Ignazio says, "Thank you, sir. Thank you so much!"

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