Questo Amore



22. Honeymoon

RECAP- "We're going to Rio de Janeiro." You squeal of excitement. You've aways wanted to visit Brazil because of it's beautiful culture and scenery.

You and Ignazio arrive at the airport after about half an hour. Both of you turned off your phones so no one would bother you. You two board the plane and sleep for most of the flight. You wake up right when it's time to start getting off the plane.



The moment you step off the that plane, you close your eyes and breath in sweet, fresh air. With just one step, you can already sense that it's going to be an amazing night. You look back and Ignazio who is one step behind you and he says, "Ready to head to the hotel?" You blush a little, reminding yourself of what happened in a honeymoon, so you simply nod and smile.

You and Ignazio walk to the airport lobby and wait for the taxi that was called. Once it arrives, one of the workers put your luggage in the trunk, and you were off to the hotel. The only thing going through your mind was what was going to happen in the hotel room. About ten minutes later, you arrive at a massive and grande hotel. In enormous letters, the hotel's name shined "COPACABANA PALACE." Ignazio and you walk to the lobby, Ignazio says, "Hi, I believe we're going to be staying in the honeymoon suite. It's reserved under Ignazio Boschetto." The lady has a pretty olive skin tone and big, brown eyes. She said, "Ah, yes, here's your-" Her eyes widen and she exclaimed, "Oh my gosh, I am such a huge fan of Il Volo. I'm sorry, but can I get an autograph?" "Of course, what's your name?" "Anna." Ignazio signs with the most illegible handwriting. "To an awesome fan, Anna. - Ignazio Boschetto." Anna thanks Ignazio once again and gives him the room key. "Enjoy your stay!" You and Ignazio follow one of the workers that shows you were the room is and who is also carrying all of your stuff.

Standing right outside of the room makes you immensely nervous. You didn't even pack any sexy lingerie! You feel a knot forming in your stomach. You try shaking the nervousness off once you step inside the room. Everything is decorated in what seems Victorian style. The room is elegant and old fashioned with a touch modern details here and there. There's candles an red roses everywhere. The chairs seem to be handmade since the designs are so gorgeous. For a moment, you get lost in the beauty of the room. The voice of the employee snaps you back into reality. "Enjoy your time at the Copacabana!" He then leaves and Ignazio is nowhere to be seen. You assume he went into the bathroom. You then grab your suitcase and go into the master bathroom. You open your suitcase and find that Antonella left you a note along with black lingerie. "I knew you'd forget about the lingerie. Thank me later. -Antonella"  You half smile then begin to start taking your dress ofd. That's when you realize you didn't even remember changing  out of your dress. "That airplane ride must has been awkward for some," you mutter. You finish taking off your dress and start putting on the lingerie. It was completely black with lots and lots of lace. You look in the mirror and think, "Wow, this is it." You are still somewhat nervous, but you decide it's normal, so you don't give into your nerves. You take out out all of the bobby pins and hair stuff out and let the curls fall on your shoulders. You look for your favorite perfume, Chance by Chanel, and spray it around your neck, chest, and wrists. Finally, you take the robe that was in your suitcase, that just happens to make the lingerie you're wearing.

You take a deep breath any open the door to the bedroom. You see Ignazio facing the window and taking off his vest and bow tie. You lightly close the door and walk up behind him. You wrap your arms slowly around his waist, and Ignazio turns to look at you. Without sating anything, he gently pulls you into a kiss, not like any other kiss though, This is more fiery, more passionate, yet with a gentleness that only Ignazio has. Moments later, he whispers, "You are the most beautiful woman in this world." Those words cause a click inside of you. Any nervousness you has completely vanished. You pull him back into the kiss and start unbuckling his belt, ad Ignazio begin to unbutton his shirt. Once he no longer had his clothing on, he took off your rode and ever so gently pulled you onto the bed. It's not until you were on the bed that you realize it was covered in red and white rose petals. No lights are on, the only light in the room comes from the candles. Your lips didn't seem to ever part. They just kept moving in sync. Ignazio got on top of you, and hands traveled to your lace underwear and swiftly pulled them off. He did the same with your bra. Just like that, you could feel him inside you. Your hands moved up his back until your grasped his hair lightly. You pull away from his lips for a second, and you let out a slight moan. Ignazio'a hands travel all over your body and so do his kisses. Everything just flows perfectly, causing a sensation of perfection deep inside. It's not the type of sex you see in movies. What you and Ignazio were doing is passionate, yet so much sweeter, and you enjoyed every single moment of it.

After a fiery night of love, Ignazio gets off of you, and you put your head on his chest. Feeling more sentient and sweaty than ever, you whisper, "Than you." Ignazio chuckles and says, "Did you really just thank me?" You bite your bottom lip and say, "Well, Yes. You just gave me the best night of my life."

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