Questo Amore


13. Him

RECAP- You pull back from the kiss and look into Ignazio's eyes and caress his cheek, he smiles at you romantically. It's moments like these that make you forget about the world, but out of the corner of your eye, you catch a glimpse of Gianluca looking out of the window, watching you and Ignazio.



Ignazio notices your eyes flicker towards the house. His brows burrow, and he says irritably, "Is he watching us?" Ignazio takes a step towards the house. "Amore, let's just go. It's not something worth getting upset about." Ignazio glances at the window once more before finally giving in. "I would drive you home, but I really don't want to leave my car here. Want me to come over to your house?" You smile warmly, "Of course." Ignazio opens the car door for you, and waves as he walks over to his own car. You reverse the car, and as you drive away, you realize Gianluca is still staring your way. You quickly look away and drive off with Ignazio driving behind you.

When you and Ignazio arrive to your house, you start cooking some pollo alla carbonara, one of Ignazio's favorite foods. You feel grateful for your mother's influence on your cooking. You learned most of your cooking from her. You grab two plates from the cupboard and serve the food. Ignazio says, "Bella, I love your cooking, but this is too much I'm suppose to be on a stricter diet.." Ignazio's face seems dispirited.

That's something that has always bothered you. Ignazio used to be chubby, and he was perfect the way he way. It saddens you to see him being pressured into losing so much weight. You give Ignazio a disapproving look. "Ignazio, I don't think you should be pushing yourself so hard on your weight. Haven't you realized that you're perfect the way you are?" He stay silent for a sew seconds while gazing at you then says, "Some fans don't seem to this that way. I know I should be used to it by now, but some of their comments hurt. It's not easy being known at the "fat" one of Il Volo." You sit down next to Ignazio and reply, "Don't torture yourself that way, amore. Your true fans will love you for being yourself, regardless of your outer appearance. The people who have negative things to say are simply envious and bored with their life. Just look at you! Your eyes.. your lips.. your smile.. your everything.. I love every single detail about you. I would never ask you to change, so please, don't be so hard on yourself 'cause you're already perfect." You brush your hand lightly against his cheek. Ignazio takes your hand and kisses it. "Grazie.. I don't know what I'd do without you." You stare deeply into his eyes and he does the same.

Next think you know, Ignazio pulls you onto his lap. He kisses you more passionately than ever. His lips taste sweeter than usual, and every moment, every breath, ever gesture feels simply right. You wrap your arms around his neck and pul him close to your body as possible. You can feel the heat of Ignazio's body radiate intensly onto yours. You feel his hands slide down your back until they reach your lower waist. You've never felt such an emotion before. You begin to unbutton Ignazio's shirt, but he pulls away instantly. You feel embarrassed right awaym and you could feel yourself blushing. "I'm s-sorry, Ignazio. I didn't mean to-" Ignazio interups you, "Don't worry about it. We'll have plenty of time for that after we get married." He winks at you, and you cheeks feel like they're on fire. You bite your lip thinking you did something wrong, and you blurt out, "Did I do something.. wrong?" Ignazio gives you a reassuring look, "No, amore! Of course not! I would just like to wait until we're married. I know it seems a bit old fashion, bit I think it would make it more special." You smile shyly and ask something you'd never think you would, "Have you thought about.. doing it before?" Ignazio chuckles and says, "To be completely honest with you, bella, I've thought bout it several times."

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