Questo Amore



5. Dinner

RECAP- Piero and Gianluca stop singing, and Ignazio gets on one knee and opens the box. "Teresa, will you marry me?” It’s a diamond ring. Nothing extravagant, it’s a simple ring. Ignazio knows you so well. You can’t believe what just happened. The man you love more than anything is asking you to marry him. You get teary-eyed and say, “Yes! Nothing would make me happier!” Ignazio slides the ring on your left ring finger and kisses you. Everybody in the room begins clapping and Piero and Gianluca high-five each other. Ignazio stops kissing you to say, “Ti amo con tutto cuore.”  




Tears of joy start streaming down your cheek. This perfect human being loves you as much as you love him. “Why are you crying, amore mio?” He wipes a tear away. “Because I love you so much. You really have no idea.” Ignazio beams at you and says,”I love you too, never forget that.” He gently brushes his hand against your cheek and gazes at you. You lean in to kiss him, and you two kiss until Piero says, “Okay, okay, lovebirds! Let me congratulate you two properly!” You all laugh and Ignazio gets up to hug Piero. “Thank you so much, Piero!” “Don’t mention it!” He pats Ignazio on the back and he motions you for a hug. You laugh and hug him. He hugs you back tightly, but in a brotherly way and says playfully, “Such a cry baby.” Piero is basically the brother you never had. Gianluca smiles and says,”Nazio and Teresa, finally tying the knot, huh? I’m truly happy for you both.” Gian and Ignazio give each other a brotherly hug, and Ignazio says,” You wouldn’t believe how nervous I was!” He turns to wink at you and you blush a little. Gianluca hesitates before giving you a quick hug. His hug felt a bit tense and awkward, but Ignazio didn’t notice because he was joking around with Piero. Gianluca gives you a nervous look for the slightest second, but he looks away and regains his composure quickly, looking completely happy. Maybe it was just your imagination, after all, it was just a quick glance. You shake that idea out of your head and go over to stand next to Ignazio, He puts his arm around you and holds you close to him. Being this close to Ignazio makes you feel so safe, like you could take on the world with him by your side. 

"So when do you guys think the date of the wedding will be?" asks Piero. Ignazio replies, "Well, I still have to ask her parents for her hand in marriage first." "Ignazio! You haven’t asked them yet?!" "I really didn’t have time to, bella. I only had an hour to plan all of this." Your jaw drops. "You planned all of this in an hour?” “He grins and says, “Yes, just for you.” “You’re the best.” You look up at Ignazio and chuckle. He is quite a bit taller than you. You feel your stomach grumble and say, “Uh, can we eat?” Gianluca laughs and Piero says, “You just got proposed to and you’re thinking about food? Haha!” “Uh, well, I can’t really control my hunger. I’m surprised my growling stomach didn’t scare Nazio away.” Ignazio laughs and says,”Your wish is my command. Piero, Gianluca, do you guys want to eat with us?” Gianluca shakes his head quickly. “No, thank you. I’ve already ate. Piero?” “I actually have a date of my own to get to.” Gianluca and Piero say goodbye then you and Ignazio sit down to eat. The food looks so good! You eat everything on your plate and Ignazio asks, “I’m guessing you didn’t like the food?” You nod and reply,”Is it that obvious?” He laughs and says, “I hope you know that I’m the happiest man on this planet, thanks to you.” You automatically feel your cheeks turning red and the butterflies filling your tummy. That’s one of the beautiful things about your relationship with Ignazio, one of the things that never seizes to fascinate you is that the butterflies never went away. It’s a sensation that never gets old. You say to him, “And I’m the happiest woman on this planet, the luckiest too.” “If anyone is lucky, it’s me. I’m lucky for being part of your life, not to mention for getting the chance to prove my love to you. I’m glad that I’ll be able to call you my wife.” He reaches for your hand across the table. Your fingers interlock naturally. “When are you going to talk to my parents? Wait, have you even told your parents yet?” “My sister actually helped me pick out your ring a week ago, and my parents are aware that I’ve been planning on asking you. Do you think I could come over for dinner sometime to speak to your parents?” The idea makes you smile. “Yes, of course. My mom asked about you the other day. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind you coming over tomorrow.” Ignazio smiles, nods, drinks a bit of wine , and says, “Tomorrow it is then.”

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