Questo Amore



19. Almost Time (Wedding day)

RECAP- "The doctor came and told me that  I could walk around for a bit, he'd let me go early, which is in about half an hour. You look gorgeous, by the way." You blush a little as say, "Oh,well, be careful thought!" "I know, I know," He reassures.

Ignazio got released about half an hour later, and all four of you take a plane back to Italy shortly after. You drive Ignazio to his parents house and stay the night. About thirteen days past, and it's finally the day of your wedding..



You wake up to your phone ringing obnoxiously. At first, you let out a slight groan while you crave more sleep, but not even a second later, you remember what day it is. You look at your phone and it's your mother calling. "Buongiorno, mamma." "Buongiorno! Have you showerd yet? It's almost 10:30!" Your eyes widen and you mutter, "Merda!" You were suppose to be up before ten to get everything ready for your wedding. Your mother says much more urgently, "You need to get in the shower right now. I'll get your thing together as soon as I get there." She hangs up abruptly and that's your cue to hop in the shower.

As soon as your undressed and get in the shower, the warm water began easing your nerves, but  it wasn't enough to keep your mind off the wedding. The only thing going through your mind is, "Is today really the day?" Today is the day you commit to your best friend, Ignazio Boschetto, for life. It still seemed so unreal!

After about ten minutes in the shower, you quickly dry yourself off and change into  a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie. Moments later, you hear urgent knocking at the door, and of course, it's your mom. She rushes in before you can say anything. "MY BABY IS GETTING MARRIED TODAY! OH, WHAT A SPLENDID DAY!" She gives your a big hug and a kiss on the forehead. Your mom begin asking you, "Where's your dress? Do you have your shoes ready? What time are you suppose to get your hair done?" "Mom, calm down. I have a checklist and we're only twenty minutes late." "Only twenty minutes late? Goodness, child! We need to get going NOW!" You smile and say, "Okay, let me get my things in the car."

You and your mom go get your hair done first. You get your hair curled and put into half-up half-down style, then a makeup artist comes in. He uses a light brown color on your lid and blends in a darker brown at the crease. He gives you a winged liner and glossy nude lips. When you finally look into the mirror, your first instinct in to cry, but you hold back the tears. You're not really a vain person Yeah, you love fashion and makeup, but you've never really been the type of person to always be looking in the mirror. But today yo feel beautiful, you feel absolutely gorgeous. When your mom turns around to look at you, she sheds a few tears. "You look so beautiful!" "Grazie, mamma! You look beautiful as well!"

Finally, it's time to get your dress on. You and your mom drive to Dolcissimo Amore so Valentina can help you with your dress. When you walk into the bridal shop, Valentina is violently searching through her purse. "Valentina, are you okay?" She turns to look at you and squeals, "Yes, I'm just looking for my- Oh my gosh! You look absolutely gorgeous!" She sprints toward you in black, five in heals and hugs you tightly. "Thank you, darling!" Valentina give your mom a hug too. "Signora, come sta?" "Bene, been! I'm just so happy my daughter is getting married!" You see a wide smile spread across Valentina's face. Her long black hair is curled. She's wearing a tight, burgundy colored dress that goes down to her knees. You chose the dress her and Antonella, since you decided to on having no bridesmaids and two maid of honors. Her makeup is smile yet very pretty, and her lips match the color of the dress. You say to her, "Wow, you look amazing! I think Piero would enjoy going to the wedding with you!" Valentina giggles and says, "Hey, that's not a bad idea! But let's get down to it, are you ready to put on your dress?" "You ready my mind." You go into the biggest dressing room, which is twice as big as the average living room. You take off your sweats an both your mom and Valentina help you get into the dress that took your breath away the moment you saw it. You keep your eyes closed until the dress is on completely. You feel your mom squeeze your hand, and you feel Valentina putting on the veil. You turn to look in the mirror. When you you open your eyes, you let out a squeal of happiness. The dress is more beautiful than you remembered. It hugged your curves perfectly, it looked as Italian as it could get, and you realize it's the way Ignazio would be seeing you in an hour. "What ha beautiful daughter I've been blessed with!" She gives you a hug then Valentina does the same. Next, your mom, Valentina and you get in the car to pick up Antonella. Only an hour away from your wedding, you begin to feel nervous, but more impatient than anything.. impatient to finally say "I do" to Ignazio.

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