What happens when outcasts join forces? Will they rise among the popular? Or will they stay at the bottom of the heap? What happens when others get involved? Will these outcasts ever be the same?



(Heres a bit of a preview thing, I'm in need of some more characters, more info for that to come!)


~beginning of the schoool year~

   Year after year, we all gather back at this place we all call school. Friends get together and reminisce in their summer memories. I'd do that too, if I'd done anything in the summer. Or had friends. Or had anyone notice me at all. I'm kind or ignored, but thats fine by me. I rush past a bunch of girls talking of their new clothes. Eh, clothes. I'm not the most girliest of people. I've got purple hair for gods sakes. Gah. Anyway, I better get to class, I've got science.

~science class~

  I walk into the classroom to see that it's pracically full. Everyone's taken their seats, and I can only spot one open one. Right next to the nerd. Always happens to me doesn't it? Well, nothing I can do about it I guess. I head over to him and take my seat. He immediately turns to me and begins to talk.

"H-hi, I'm Marcel.." he said with a weak smile. I studied his face, most of which was hidden behind thick glasses.

"Fawn. Nice to meet you, Marcel." I said, smiling back. It always helps to be nice. I'd love it if everyone in the world could be happy, and always have a smile on their face.

"L-looks like we're lab partners.." he said.

"Looks like it.." i said, just as the teacher came in.

"Alright class, hush up. I'm Mr. McDonnell, your new science teacher. This semester will go by quick if we all cooperate!...." I fazed out as he continued, staring off into space..


(Yah, that. Just a sneak peek thing, I suppose. heheh. ^__^)













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