What happens when outcasts join forces? Will they rise among the popular? Or will they stay at the bottom of the heap? What happens when others get involved? Will these outcasts ever be the same?


2. CHARACTERS! (yes, I need you. :D)

HELLO THERE! I'm in need of characters for this story, so IF YOU WANT TO BE IN IT, NOWS YOUR CHANCE, YEY! :DDD


Leave a comment on here, telling me which role you'd like, (if its available, heheh.) and the following informations!

Appearance: (how you look, what you wear, etc.)
Hobbies and such:
Likes and dislikes:
Anything else you want me to know:

I'll probably need a couple of other outcasts, as well as popular people (who'll be involved with the other boys most likely), so, let me know whom you'd like to be. ^__^


So yeah, thats it, eheheh. THANKS AND STUFFS.

(Ps: this cover is temporary, I'll be drawing out my own once I get all the main characters down, and I know for sure what they look like!)



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