Charlotte is an average teenager, she loves ballet and lives a normal life with her brother and father but she knows something strange is going on in her tiny town in England. But she's not quite sure what. Then it happens. She hears the whispers, the whispers from the past, the whispers she's too scared to tell anybody about. The ghost whispers.


1. Ginger Tabby

As we drove through the forest, little clumps of raindrops from the trees splashed onto the car, making heavy thumping noises. I gazed out the window looking at the thousands of trees either side of me. We were driving so fast they went by in a green whirl. We must of driven past at least 4 thousand by now, but I’d never know. When we reached the end of the forest, the rain turned to hail and it was hitting our car hard, I was sure the glass was going to break. I relaxed a little when our home came into view, alongside the crashing waves of the sea, “Home sweet home,” I whispered. I saw my brother snort beside me in the drivers seat,

“Sweet?” he laughed looking at me, “Yeah because living next to the sea is-”

“Shit Noah,” I swore as he dodged a ginger tabby darting across the road.

“Stupid cat,” he shook his head. I looked back behind me, where that cat had come from was a mystery to me, the nearest neighbours we had was back through the forest, three miles away. All I could see of the cat now was ginger dot, we were driving that fast, Noah was driving like a maniac down the road. When he came to the front of our house he stopped the car suddenly, causing us to both jump forward. I breathed out and unclipped my seatbelt, jumping out the car before he could do any more dangerous driving. I dashed over to our unlocked door and shoved it open so I could get out of the what seemed like never ending hail.

“We’re home!” Noah yelled to our dad who was probably upstairs. Noah turned to me,

“What do you say to me for driving you home from ballet?” he said.

“Um, thanks for not killing me with your driving like I thought you would,” I said being serious.He smiled sarcastically.

“I’m not joking,” I rolled my eyes but couldn’t resist smiling.


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