Slender man's daughter

I haven't ever seen my dad, probably a good thing, if you see him you will die an unexplained death. It would be comfort to think if he ever saw me, he would know who I am, but in reality, I don't think he would care. Though I need to find out, so I will need to find him.


2. 2

The wind was bitter cold, adding to the cloudy British weather. I wasn't sure where my dad was, so I was going to have to ask someone.

I found a corner shop on the edge of a busy street, and I decided to ask the ancient-looking man if he knew anything about where the Slender man might be, because he sold newspapers, surely he would know everything about the world?

I cleared my throat and put on my best innocent voice, which might I say is hard for a 16 year old.

"Excuse me sir,do you happen to know anything about the Slender man?"I looked at him,his eyes were staring straight into mine.

"The Slender man?Yes I know a lot about him,"he said,frustratingly playing 'i'm not telling you that easily'. I clenched my fist,I could tell my eyes had gone frosty cold,due to his almost afraid stare. I lost my innocent voice.

"Have there been any sightings recently?"

He nodded.

"Yes,one just a few days ago actually. Apparently he nearly killed a boy in Kent, but he just got away."

I could tell that was all he was telling me. Kent was only an hour and a half away. I would have to get the train. On the positive side? I would have to bunk off school tomorrow.

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