Slender man's daughter

I haven't ever seen my dad, probably a good thing, if you see him you will die an unexplained death. It would be comfort to think if he ever saw me, he would know who I am, but in reality, I don't think he would care. Though I need to find out, so I will need to find him.


8. 10 years on Part 2

I ran my fingers through my matted hair. The constant dreams of my father must of meant something , either the baby hated me , or my father was trying to tell me something. 

Slowly I heaved myself out of my bed and stood in front of the mirror , lifting my top to revel my stomach . 

"Michael, do you think i've gotten taller ?" I asked matter of factly.

"What?" He mumbled , still half asleep.

"Wow," I glared at him playfully "don't worry, I think the baby has made me completely crazy." 

He laughed, even though he probably hadn't heard a word as the silk duvet was over his head.Shaking my head, I looked away from the mirror and went downstairs, grinning at the thought of the baby. I was so extremely happy when I had found out a few months before.

Finding the water melon in the fridge I was craving, I sat my aching body on the sofa, trying to find a position that would make painting my toe nails even slightly possible.

Suddenly my phone started to ring , the number displayed unknown.

"Hello?" I asked awkwardly. The only thing I could hear was the crackling sound of a bad signal. 

"Hello?" I asked for the last time, as my patience had become thin recently. 

"Hello Kaylyn. No, don't say anything ,just listen to what I have to say. I am friends with your father, well 'was' friends, you know , before he turned crazy. I'm a docter and I am very worried about your pregnancy ." 

It took awhile for his words to sink in, I could tell he knew I was shocked he knew about me, but before I broke the rules of no talking, he carried on .

"Now don't ask questions dear, i'm simply trying to help you. I want you to meet me at 6pm today just outside the hospital , haha yes, I live close to you. Now say yes if you understand?"

I breathed slowly. "Yes."

"Good. Goodbye Kaylyn."


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