Slender man's daughter

I haven't ever seen my dad, probably a good thing, if you see him you will die an unexplained death. It would be comfort to think if he ever saw me, he would know who I am, but in reality, I don't think he would care. Though I need to find out, so I will need to find him.


7. 10 years on Part 1

I was running.I wasn't sure what from. Was I running for my life? 

I was in a forest. The same forest I had seen my dad in. Every tree familiar . Every single tree and stone and bush. Suddenly I fell over into a ditch, but the ditch was a hole, a huge and deep hole. My head was pounding as I hit the bottom. 

"Help!" I wailed pathetically. Too loud. I sensed him before I saw him. 

Slowly I rolled over onto my back , I think my leg was broken, but before I could worry about that, there he was... right in front of me, taller than ever, paler than ever. Closer and closer he inched. I tried to scream but no words came out. My skin started to melt and drip revelling the white bone of my arm,and this time I screamed and it could be heard. 


My husband,Michael, was shaking me back to reality. My head was wet with sweat and my breathing was laboured. 

"I'm sorry, just them nightmares." I replied, feeling stupid.

"Don't worry babe, just the baby making a first impression, ay?" Michael smiled at me and I forced a laugh, rubbing my swollen belly. I was 4 months pregnant and already going crazy. 

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