Slender man's daughter

I haven't ever seen my dad, probably a good thing, if you see him you will die an unexplained death. It would be comfort to think if he ever saw me, he would know who I am, but in reality, I don't think he would care. Though I need to find out, so I will need to find him.


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You and your parents!

My school essay.

I haven't ever seen my dad. My mum told me a lot about him before she left me 3 years ago when I was 13. She told me that I got my 5'6 height and skinny features from him. She also showed me a picture of him, at first it scared me, then it interested me. He had no eyes, just gaping holes where they should be. He must of been at least 9 feet tall, and like my mum told me, so extremely skinny. She then said that I got my dark brown eyes from her, and it confused me. How was I lucky enough to get my mums eyes, and not my dads lack of them? 

Then, as I said, my mum left me. Her last words to me were "Kaylyn, your name means 'slender lady',I told you that you were just like your dad," then she smiled a sad grin, and left me. 

I have been alone since, but no one has found out. I still do average 16 year old girl things, but the fact I've never met my dad dawns me always. 

I stopped writing, I couldn't hand in this. Throwing the paper in the bin behind me, I picked up a bag I had packed many times before when I had thought about going but had wimped out at the last minute. I , Kaylyn Slender , was going to find my 'Slender man' father to see if he knew his own daughter.

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