Just like that

with in a moment things could change for better or worse.


1. Just like that

Love comes in life riding on wishes and dreams

settles with so many promises to fulfill

but a clash a fight an attitude or ego

turns the beautiful land to a dry desert.

just like that!


Deep bonds and strong relationships

happiness to the heart hope in life

just a twist of the word a simple action a situation

acts as a poison drop in the bowl of milk.

just like that!


Flourishing friendships dear and close

fun and fragrance in life

a wrong word a light comment a dark mood snaps the ties

burns a blooming garden to ashes in fire of anger

just like that!


The whole globe sits on stress and tension

explodes when and why nobody knows

every body contributes to it

ambition and priority release flood of violence

just like that!


Once values were understood

standards were respected

impact of modernity confused society

but the flame never extinguishes spark still exists

just like that!


The truth over the ages reveals

the swing in standards in the great circle of time

standards rise and fall in between

just like that!.







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