You're just a small bump...

I wake up, in bed. And I'm not alone. And my whole life has changed.


1. I woke up.


I hear my alarm clock. I sigh. 


I'm so tired, what did I do last night again ? Oh ya, I went out for dinner with Lindsey. Ya, I did. Nice pasta, that was. I'd love some now, actually. 

'Ohhhh.... *cough* *cough*' 

Who was that ? I live on my own. Oh,'s my Dad ! He's back from Afghanistan ! Wait, I thought he wasn't back till next Thursday ? It's only Saturday now. Maybe he came back early.

'Dad ?' I say as I get out of bed, and to my surprise, I am totally naked. 'Hahha, of course this is the result of my Friday night out' 

'And the result was like gold'

Oh, shiiit ! I turn around to see a guy lying in my bed. 

'Get the fuck out of my house or I'll call the police !' I run to grab my iPhone thats lying on my dressing table, when suddenly I'm stopped by a man on front of me. 

'Why should I ? You've known me for three years, Lola ! You've been sleeping with me for two of those years !'

'I..I don't even know you ?' Who is this weird man ? I feel like I can trust him, I don't know why.... 'Is what you said true ?'

'Lola, I would never, ever lie to you. You know that. Why, do you want me to review your life story for you or something?' He joked. 

'Actually, yeah I do...' 

I don't remember anything. I remember last night. I don't remember anything else. I look at myself in the mirror, to see If i recognise myself. Oh fuck ! I'm naked, put on clothes Lola, now ! I reach over for my robe (again) and I am stopped (again).

'Sleep with me Lola, just sleep with me. I don't know what joke you're playing but just sleep with me, please. Please Lola. Please'

Should I? I don't know.. he's good looking ! Wow, he is.....

'I can't, I just can't....'  burst into tears. 

'Lola, it's's okay..' he says as he hugs me. 'Lola, don't be afraid. It's okay, it's okay'

'I..I..I don't remember anything .... I don't remember you .... I don't remember anything .... I only remember last night'

'Holy shiiitttttttt....' he says.

'What ?' I say, i'm in shock. 'What's wrong ?'

'Your eyes...they're fully black...'

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