The Manor

A group of seniors deside to go to a abandoned Home in the woods, bad mistake.


1. Chapter 1

Kamri walked out of the huge school. she fumbled for her pink flip phone in her bag, before pulling it out. She quickly texted her younger sister "Shina ill be home soon! go ahead and get some snacks lol <3 :3"

she giggled and put her phone, then proceeded to look around. she spotted her friend Rylie. Rylie was tall and lean, he was pale but had brown and black hair, topped off with glasses. Kamri was about to call him over, but felt a arm on her shoulder. "Phew we made it another day!" 

It was Kari, Kari was her best friend.Kari used her free arm to pull her bag up higher on her shoulder."What are we going to do to celebrate?" she asked 

Kamri shrunk back out from under Kari and spoke "We don't have time to celebrate, with exams and finals coming up!" 

Kari pulled on Kamri's arm "Oh come on!" she begged

Karmi giggled a little "fine, ill go somewhere with you if you convince everyone."

Kamri's attention shifted to her two friends Vincin and Cynthia, who were kissing. Kamri gagged at the thought of someone touching her mouth- Disgusting! before she knew it the blonde punk and the green headed guy came over and spoke to them "hey." 

Kamri and Kari smiled and said hello back. Kari was about to continue with her plans, but Joshes loud voice rang over hers "Hey! are you guys doing anything tonight?" 

Vincin and Josh exchanged a nod before Kari spoke "actually, me and Kamri here were just planning on going somewhere tonight to celebrate living!"

Josh laughed "well then, you cant count me in- im bored" 

Kamri smiled at how everyone was getting along.She suddenly felt a presence behind her and looked up, seeing Rylie looming over her.

Kamri smiled and turned her attention back to Josh and Kari. They looked so cute together. Josh had sandy blonde hair and striking blue eyes, while Kari was chinese in heritage and had medium length black hair- and green eyes, a genetic quark. 

Vincin interuppted her thoughts "you guys lookin' for some fun..?" he asked lighting up a cigerette, edging closer to the group. 

Kamri sighed, fun meant more trouble for her.

Rylie rasied a brow "Fun? what kind of fun?" 

Vincin laughed and puffed out smoke "you ever hear of that creepy manor? you know, the haunted one?" he smiled like a small child in a candy store

Kamri whimpered "I-I hate scary places!"

Cynthia looked Kamri in the eyes, biting at her silver lip percing "Kamri, your afraid of your own shadow!"

Kamri mumbled and looked at her feet while Cynthia  smiled in triumph. Kari growled sticking up for her friend "your a bitch Cynthia!"

Josh eyed the two girls and spoke "Hey! just chill out."

Kari puffed, while Cynthia giggled- and sent a wink at Rylie. Rylie blinked in confusion. 

Upon seeing Cynthia's wink- josh coughed and called Cynthia a slut.

Kamri sighed, they always started fighting every time everyone was together.

There was a moment of quietness before Rylie changed the subject "That place in the forest? I thought people were banned from going there? and its not haunted. Veggie head." he slightly laughed.

Vincin growled slightly "if your not afraid- spend the night there." he challenged. 

Rylie puffed "fine. i will!" 

Vincin stared at Kari for a moment, before she turned "Got something to say hulk head?" 

He shook his head and spoke "so who's in?"

Kamri thought "i guess i can go if i check on my family first.."

Kari slung her arm around Kamri's neck again. "I'm in if she is!

Rylie smiled "You KNOW i'm in."

Josh smiled "me too!someone has to protect the girls!" 

Cynthia just clung to Vincin. Vincin threw out his smoke, mournfull that he had too before he continued. "great, lets all meet at Cynthia's."

Vincin and Cynthia walked off together, Followed by Rylie. They lived near each other but never walked exactly together.

Kari turned to Josh "to protect the girls? i can protect myself! i have a black belt!"

Josh rolled his eyes "sure you do."

Kari huffed "I do! want me to show you!" she got in a fighting stance.

Josh rasied his hands in defeat "nope!"

Kari rolled her eyes "i was going to have fun.." she stuck her tongue out

Josh laughed "oh you wanna play it that way," he grabbed her hands with his left hand, than began tickling her with his right hand.

Kamri smiled slightly.they were so cute together, but if they did go out.. where would that leave poor little Kamri? She was friends with her first o should'n't.. 

Kamri shook her head, what was she thinking? she began to trudge home. not interuppting the two love birds to say goodbye.

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